Our cutting edge LMS (learning management system) is the industry leader when it comes to student management and course delivery.

We combined our 40+ years of providing high quality distance education with our 20+ years of online training experience and developed a cutting edge student and learning management system that easily meets the needs of a high performance distance education provider.

Our LMS is unique in that it was built from the ground up specifically to give you everything you need to easily manage your students and for your students to quickly and easily access their courses from any device connected to the internet.

Features and benefits of the ACS LMS are:

  • The entire LMS is whitelabelled and can be customised with your own branding. You can also turn features on or off whenever you want to suit your needs
  • The LMS is always up to date with the latest versions of courses and new courses. This means that if a course has been updated or improved, your students will instantly have access to the updated version without you needing to do anything
  • Managing enrolments is easy.. just add or view the student record then select which courses they are enrolled in
  • Students have instant access to courses as soon as you enrol them and can easily see where they are up to in a course and continue the course from their computer, tablet or phone at any time
  • All courses have built in self assessment tests that quiz the student and provide instant feedback to re-inforce their learning
  • Students have the ability to submit assignments and even sit exams online via the student portal
  • Built in assignment tracker handles the tracking of submitted assignments and the ability to send them to your tutors, track tutor feedback, etc. You will never lose an assignment or lose track of where an assignment marking is up to
  • Built in tutor system allows you to register your tutors and specify which subjects they are best at marking via a rating system. Our LMS then uses A.I. to help you pick the best tutors for students when a new assignment comes in
  • The ability to add custom information pages, your own student handbook, links to paying for exams and other services, etc.
  • The ability to customise your student's dashboards and promote new courses and other services from within the LMS
  • Comprehensive sales reporting on student enrolments including support for tracking payment plans
  • Developed with superior security to keep your data secure, protected from hackers and backed up at all times. We have multiple levels of the highest levels of security built into both our software and hardware along with contigencies such as full snapshot backups taken every two hours of every single day

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