ACS works with affiliates who are like-minded and compatible.

To become an Affiliate, you must want to:
  • Increase sales in your existing business (start-ups are encouraged to talk to us)
  • Grow your business into a six-figure plus annual operation
  • Work within simple contract terms
  • Have autonomy from our brand
  • Follow our model or go your own way
  • Take advantage of support or training as much or as little as you need
  • Get started for an extremely affordable establishment fee
  • Boost your business by diversifying your product range
  • Work with a trusted and established company
  • If you responded "YES" to all of the above, there's opportunities now for a licence.

What's Available?

We have a number of different options available to meet your requirements such as:
  • Full access to over 600 hundred hour courses (which can be combined to create qualifications such as certificates). These courses include assignments, self assessment tests and a final exam
  • Optional prebuilt ecommerce website loaded with our ebooks and courses which you can customise and connect to your own Stripe and/or Paypal payment gateway. Courses and ebooks are delivered automatically to customers when they make a purchase
  • Access to our comprehensive world wide tutor registar to find quality tutors to mark your students assignments and exams (or use your own tutors)
  • Access to our entire ebook library to sell high quality educational ebooks
  • Access to sell our 20 hour courses which are self guided, include self assessment test and an automated final test and branded certificate of completion (no tutors needed)
  • The ability to run courses (both 100 and 20 hour) through our LMS or download the word documents for courses, assignments and sample tests to put in your own LMS
  • If a full affiliation is not suitable, we also off an optional 'commission' based structure where we provide you with a landing page to sell our ebooks and 20 hours courses.. we collect the payment and provide instant delivery and you receive the commission - perfect for organisations, businesses and clubs looking for an extra income stream

Looking for more information?

Fill in your details below for an information pack and discussion with one of our friendly affiliate managers

Please note: we are only considering requests from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Africa, United Kingdom.