ACS has a huge number of resources and different options for selling to prospective students / clients depending on what you want to take on and have discussed with your Learning Partner Manager at the onboarding stage.

Some of the options we have are:

100 HOUR COURSES and Certificates

With hundreds of options available in over 15 disciplines, as an ACS learning partner you can use as many or as little of the courses on offer as you want.

If you have a niche market in Pet Care, Horticulture or even Psychology you may only want to use those courses relevant to those disciplines. Otherwise, you may want to use all the courses we provide access to. This can be discussed with our Affiliates Manager at any time.

Our courses are all available on our state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). Each course has a minimum of 100 hours of study needed to complete. Our courses contain lessons, research tasks and assignments, and many also contain videos.

But you don’t only get todays courses – you will always have access to NEW courses as we develop them. NO EXTRA FEES! What we develop today, tomorrow or in 5 years – you will have access to as long as you are an active learning partner. NEVER GET stuck with STALE content. We are always updating, revising and increasing the content and courses on offer.

If you are using our customisable system as your LMS then you will always have access to the most up to date courses as they are released or updated by the ACS Academic team. If you are using your own LMS then we provide the ability to download any 100 course as a SCORM package which can be installed in any SCORM compliant LMS with the click of a button. All courses include notes, assignments and interactive self assessment tests and this is all included in the scorm packages.

DESIGN YOU OWN Certificate

Bundle your choice of a number of 100hr courses together and offer as a course that fits your niche, or just increases the variety you offer. As long as you have 100hr courses that fit together you will never run out of relevant and enticing options for students to study.

20-hour self-paced interactive courses

These short courses are a great way to boost skills or to learn about something prospective or current students have been interested in without the pressure of a longer course.

Students can do these short 20 hour self paced courses in their own time STRESS FREE !

  • Great for Professional Development or Personal Enrichment - all courses are 20 hours
  • Beautifully presented with images and content
  • Automated Study Programs - Study from anywhere, anytime - Fully automated tests throughout the course
  • Huge range of relevant and desired course disciplines and subjects which are constantly added to
  • Automated Final Exam leads to a “Certificate of Completion” – automatically awarded, with your logo on the certificate


All our learning partners are authorised to sell or utilise our professionally developed and designed ebooks. With over 150 ebooks available in 15 of our top disciplines, these eBooks can be used to upsell to customers, be used for promotion or as an inclusion in courses.

Our ebooks are not like most other academic ebooks but rather, contain many high resolution coloured images and illustrations and can be viewed with a coloured book reader such as your computer, an iPAD or phone.

You will always have access to sell or use the ebooks whilst an active learning partner. We are regularly developing more eBooks for disciplines.

Need a course developed we haven’t got yet?

ACS Distance Education regularily develops new courses or modifies existing courses to meet the specific needs of some of our affiliates.
Reach out to our affiliates manager by entering your details below and we can assist you.

What our clients say

We've been working with ACS over the course of the last three years. Being able to mix and match content to suit our students' needs has been extremely useful. With their material in combination with our own in house tutor service we have been able to provide a complete online learning service which has helped us expand our student cohort and advance our teaching techniques! We are thankful that we have had them as a partner throughout our time in the industry and look forward to many more years of growth together.

Jason T - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

ACS Distance Education have been fantastic to work with over our first 12 months as a start-up online short education affiliate.
They provided immense support in the foundation period ensuring we setup the best support mechanisms for students and engaging quality tutors.
ACS have continued to be receptive to feedback and promptly moved to make improvements wherever required.

David C - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

Having access to ACS' extensive library of digitalised education content has allowed us to scale our business quickly and efficiently. Their LMS is easy to access and manage, whilst also providing the consumer (student) with a professional and easy to use experience. John and Kate have always been a pleasure to work with and are quick to provide support when it is required."

Andrew O - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

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