What Do ACS Offer to Their Affiliates?

ACS Distance Education was established in 1979 by John Mason, our Principal. John was, and is, a horticulturalist and the first course he ever wrote and tutored on was Horticulture I. This course is still available, but has been updated and expanded many times since then. .  


John’s aim then, and now, was to spread education and knowledge to other people, people who may not have been able to study in traditional, classroom-based ways.

We offer

  • Distance learning, online learning and e-learning.
  • Short 20 hour courses, 100 hour tutor supported courses, certificates and bundles.
  • eBooks

That is why we are ACS Distance Education.  Our ABOUT US page explains our story  further. 

ACS Today

Today, ACS DE has changed quite a bit since when we started. We now offer over 700 online courses and distance learning courses in areas such as –

  • Psychology
  • Journalism
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Hospitality
  • Permaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Pet care
  • Copywriting
  • Ecommerce
  • Drone technology

Just to name a few.  All of the courses are studied and taught via distance learning.


Spreading and Sharing Education!

We share education with our students.

But not just our students, we also offer the opportunity for others to resell our courses, running their own online school.

We want other people to share our courses and education too.


Our affiliates can be –

  • Individuals/businesses setting up their own online school
  • Existing education providers who want to start their own distance learning provision
  • Existing education providers who want to offer more courses to their students
  • Existing businesses who want to move into education

What does ACS offer to Their Affiliates?

What happens once you have become an affiliate?

We have tutors, writers, marketing professionals, administrative staff, IT experts and more. All working on developing our courses.

But we have two special members of staff who are the specialists and experts in supporting our affiliates - Kate Gibson and Jonathan Gibson are our affiliate team.

Jonathan joined ACS in the last year and brings substantial experience from industry to the team. Whist Kate has been with ACS for some years and is our Affiliations Manager.  Her current role at ACS includes managing our affiliation relationships, and the training and induction of new affiliates.


Let’s find out more about how Kate supports new affiliates.


Kate says -

“When an affiliate joins the ACS Global Partners team, they are guided through several areas of the business model:

  • We have developed a series of instructional videos that are easy to follow and succinct. They cover how to customise the Learning Management System (LMS), and add features that you can tailor to your needs. These include assignment management, sales reports, and student progress options.
  • Affiliates are furnished with a range of administration documents that they can easily adapt to their needs. Welcome letter, how to use the LMS as a student, and even payment dishonour letter are some examples of useful administration documents we can provide. We also provide a sales report template that helps affiliates calculate royalty amounts due. This can be used each month for sales reporting.
  • We also cover matters like commonly asked questions and how to answer them, our latest insights on trends and the changing market, ideas on how to market the products, and help with any day to day issues that might arise.”


As well as providing useful, practical information and resources, Kate says

“We are always here for affiliates should they need assistance, and support is tailored to each individual affiliate's requirements.”


Updating and Improving

When you become an ACS affiliate, you are not given a range of courses and sent on your way! No, our aim is to provide education for people. We want to provide up to date and useful information. In the modern world, courses and information can go quickly out of date, so at ACS DE, we are always

  • updating and improving the courses we offer
  • adding new courses to our stable of courses

We listen to our students. We listen to our affiliates.

  • We find out what information and courses they need.
  • We update information and courses.

Kate says,

“ACS are constantly developing new courses - both full automated 20 hour courses and 100 hour courses - and also updating established courses in response to changes in industry and feedback from both tutors and affiliates. Because ACS has such a broad range of disciplines, each affiliate can specialise in a certain area. If we see a demand trending based on feedback from tutors and affiliates, we are in a strong position to answer that demand by creating new courses swiftly. This means we are among the first to market in new trends.”


As Kate says, an affiliate can offer –

  • All of our courses
  • Specialise in a certain area

For example, if you were interested in writing, you might choose to set up an online school selling our writing courses, such as creative writing, poetry, journalism, copywriting, script writing etc.

We also offer 20 hour short courses and 100 hour tutor supported courses, so that students are offered courses to suit them and their needs. Some students want to study a course quickly on a specific topic, whilst others may to look at a topic in more detail and with tutor support. 

Why not consider setting up your own educational business with ACS?

We supply

You just choose the courses you want to market and sell and get your front end website and branding etc setup. 

It’s that easy !  

The Next Step

If setting up your own online school sounds like something that would interest you, what are your next steps?

  • Have a look through this website 
  • Find out more about the courses we offer.
  • Get in touch with Kate and Jonathan to find out more.

Kate says,

“If you are interested in joining the ACS Global Partners team,

feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you.”


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What our clients say

We've been working with ACS over the course of the last three years. Being able to mix and match content to suit our students' needs has been extremely useful. With their material in combination with our own in house tutor service we have been able to provide a complete online learning service which has helped us expand our student cohort and advance our teaching techniques! We are thankful that we have had them as a partner throughout our time in the industry and look forward to many more years of growth together.

Jason T - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

ACS Distance Education have been fantastic to work with over our first 12 months as a start-up online short education affiliate.
They provided immense support in the foundation period ensuring we setup the best support mechanisms for students and engaging quality tutors.
ACS have continued to be receptive to feedback and promptly moved to make improvements wherever required.

David C - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

Having access to ACS' extensive library of digitalised education content has allowed us to scale our business quickly and efficiently. Their LMS is easy to access and manage, whilst also providing the consumer (student) with a professional and easy to use experience. John and Kate have always been a pleasure to work with and are quick to provide support when it is required."

Andrew O - Director, ACS Partner College (Affiliate)

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