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Who are ACS Distance Education?

Established in 1979. We develop distance education courses; operate our own distance education schools from Queensland in Australia and the midlands in England; and we license the use of our courses to others.

Established by John Mason, author of over 140 books, magazine editor; publisher, parks director, university and college lecturer; awarded fellowships by IOH (UK), AIH and PLA (Australia)

Our mantra is that sustainable success in the modern, globalised world requires creativity, diversity and currency. Our system is purposefully designed to be different; so that our graduates emerge with a different skills set and a different perspective to graduates from mainstream courses. Being outside of "mainstream" education allows us to "own" our own destiny. We are not susceptible to unpredictable changes in government policies or funding, in the way that most education institutions are; and this has given us lower levels of risk both as a business (for affiliates) and a service (for students).

More about ACS Distance Education

Delivering our courses

Systems allow delivery online, on USB Stick or with printed notes.

Over 600 courses, over 25 million words of intellectual property.

Latest course versions accessed via a cloud based repository

Royalties paid monthly

Selling our ebooks

Sell books as a download, or on USB Stick

Royalties paid quarterly

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