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Gain insights into the culture and business of ACS Distance Education, and the wider "world of learning", through these blog postings from our principal/founder John Mason, and staff at the school. Also read about news and views about the education and publishing industry.

We've all grown up being told that getting a goods education is the surest way to convince an "employer" to take you on as an employee.

The world is changing though, and this notion while still widely believed is fast becoming "untrue".

In the future, a person's best chances for gainful employment will be to be self employed.

Is education any better because of qualifications frameworks?

What is the cost benefit relationship of a qualifications framework? It does cost to set up, manage and comply with these frameworks; but does anyone ever look at what extra cost this is to providing an education to the student, and how much benefit comes from that cost? 


What does Recognition Mean to You?

By ACS Affiliates on July 4, 2018 in | comments

If you already work in online education, it is very likely you have been asked how to determine if a college or course is credible. 

This is not always a straightforward question to answer and often requires some insight into the education industry. We have outlined some simple pointers for you to use or think about when students ask you those less black-and-white questions around formal recognition and what it means. As experienced education professionals, we acknowledge the increasing acceptance of informal and non-formal learning... so here we can help you embed this thinking this in how you respond. 


I believe a lot of the change we are seeing is because the world is moving faster than the bureaucracy can cope with. 

What if we release colleges and universities from the restrictions of accreditation.

Allow the best to be as innovative & creative as they can be; changing their courses as often as they desire, without restriction, so they can keep up with the changes happening in society. 


Catering Business

By ACS Affiliates on June 13, 2018 in | comments
Once upon a time there was an ambitious and creative entrepreneur. He loved seeing the pleasures food could bring to people. He valued sharing his knowledge and skills with others. He treasured photographing his creations from appetising mouth-watering platters to exotic sashimi plates or satisfying quail crock-pots. He loved good food!

He also believed it was important to share that passion with others. Cooking was the thing that would drive and motivate him, and he was determined to share it with anyone who felt the same. So his journey started by creating an online video channel, uploading videos demonstrating some well-rehearsed and practiced skills and his final chefs-d'oeuvre was simply critical for viewer’s fulfillment. As his followers and subscribers grew in numbers, he learned that so many other people also shared his passion. It was then he decided the time was right to take that dedication to the next level. He no longer wanted to show what he could, instead, he wanted to help others show what they could do.
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