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Gain insights into the culture and business of ACS Distance Education, and the wider "world of learning", through these blog postings from our principal/founder John Mason, and staff at the school. Also read about news and views about the education and publishing industry.

"Accreditation too Onerous and Expensive

The demands of up to 100 course accrediting agencies are imposing an "onerous and extremely expensive" burden on universities and other higher education providers, a new report to federal government finds" (Quote from Higher Education supplement of The Australian Newspaper, November 8, 2017)

Our IT staff have created a new interactive tool to enable students to create a unique online course -to suit their specific needs and set you apart from everyone else. See and have a play to see what is possible.

Potentially, with many hundreds of modules in the mix, every student can create a different configuration of studies for a qualification, giving every graduate a unique position with their skills set.

How to sell a course or book - sell the dream rather than the course or book.

"Most people in business sell things. When you sell things, you often need to compete on price. I sell dreams though because people never look at the cost when they are buying a dream. The trick is to turn your product or service into a dream"


How does Someone Build a Career Realistically?

Start by learning. That leads to growing awareness, which in turn leads to developing experience.

All of this lays a foundation for professional development which eventually allows you to achieve your dream.

The whole process is a pathway of twists and turns, that commonly takes years if not decades to traverse.

Gardening helps mental health

By ACS Affiliates on April 25, 2017 in Supporting Students | comments
Gardening can help mental health