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Gain insights into the culture and business of ACS Distance Education, and the wider "world of learning", through these blog postings from our principal/founder John Mason, and staff at the school. Also read about news and views about the education and publishing industry.

How to sell a course or book - sell the dream rather than the course or book.

"Most people in business sell things. When you sell things, you often need to compete on price. I sell dreams though because people never look at the cost when they are buying a dream. The trick is to turn your product or service into a dream"


How does Someone Build a Career Realistically?

Start by learning. That leads to growing awareness, which in turn leads to developing experience.

All of this lays a foundation for professional development which eventually allows you to achieve your dream.

The whole process is a pathway of twists and turns, that commonly takes years if not decades to traverse.

Gardening helps mental health

By ACS Affiliates on April 25, 2017 in Supporting Students | comments
Gardening can help mental health

This is why we operate experiential based learning courses and avoid CBT.


Plan Business Success

By ACS Affiliates on December 26, 2016 in Managing a business | comments


We know that many businesses do fail, but that doesn't need to be the case if you do things right.
Businesses often fail for very obvious reasons such as

  •   choosing a business idea based on their passion rather than viability in the market place
  •   failing to plan or failing to follow a plan.