Advertising and Marketing

Help with marketing books and courses.

Instant gratification is powerful. It is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfilment without delay. How can offer potential customers instant gratification.


European law changes in 2018 are changing the way privacy information can be managed and used for marketing.

These changes are targeting more than just Europe.

Marketing strategies will have to change dramatically in order to adapt.

Unethical businesses are likely to be the main casualty; and ethical business is likely the big winner.

Our IT staff have created a new interactive tool to enable students to create a unique online course -to suit their specific needs and set you apart from everyone else. See and have a play to see what is possible.

Potentially, with many hundreds of modules in the mix, every student can create a different configuration of studies for a qualification, giving every graduate a unique position with their skills set.

How to sell a course or book - sell the dream rather than the course or book.

"Most people in business sell things. When you sell things, you often need to compete on price. I sell dreams though because people never look at the cost when they are buying a dream. The trick is to turn your product or service into a dream"

Many people enrol in a course but never complete it.

One simple thing can help you increase the chance of people completing a course they start. Put the effort into making sure the individual is matched to the course they enrol in.