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Work Smarter

How to Work Smarter!

Many people are questioning the 9-5, years on end, office routine lifestyle. Many yearn to travel, to work in more exotic locations, to learn about the world or to have free day-time hours to pursue their interests.  Some people also like the idea of living in a different country for a few months of each year.

You need to work if you want to have more than just the very base comforts in life though; how do you earn an income, travel the world and work at your own pace and in your own time? There are ways.

People are coming up with all sorts of ways to earn an income while they travel, for some it may be teaching English as a second language in a foreign country – moving on to the next place after a year or so. This type of work is not just restricted to teachers (although a lot of teachers do take this opportunity for a career change) but also those that have completed a short program of usually around 4 weeks or so that certifies them as English language tutors. Health care workers are always in demand all over the world – their skills make work and travel a lot easier to achieve than for some.

What else can you do to achieve this more interesting way of life?

Volunteer: If you are not interested in a large income but just want the travelling lifestyle and enough to get you by you could volunteer your skills, or labour, in return for board, lodging and enough income to save for your next plane ticket. Farm work, seasonal fruit picking, helping people to build mud brick or straw bale housing and so on have always been a choice for those with a more relaxed or alternative approach to what they are willing to do. It is also a great way for people, who may not have a profession to back them up, to still enjoy a travelling/working life.

Use your writing skill: Blogging seems to be the choice of the modern wayfarer. It takes time though to set up a blog and to capture enough of an audience to make an income from advertising through your blog. Blogs are not income vehicles without advertising; the size of the audience will dictate how much you can earn via your blog. Most advertising on a blog is through the pay per click system i.e. you attract an advertiser to your blog (usually in some way connected to the subject of your posts), every time one of your readers clicks on that ad you are paid a certain amount of money for that click.  Readers interested enough to read your posts may also be interested in what is sold through your blog; you need to capture readers and turn them into subscribers so that they are notified every time you post new content.

House sit and earn: If you are a good communicator, meticulous and love animals you could become a house sitter; house sitting jobs are offered all over the world. This sort of work is more likely to be taken up by people with a separate income or self-funded retirees. However you could also combine house-sitting with an online business, that way you not only earn an income, you also have free accommodation.

Set up your own business: Two of the biggest growth areas in online businesses are education and ebooks – they are in the top ten trends of 2018 for new start-up businesses. Online courses are easy to run. Some don’t even need tutoring. There are many online education providers offering this type of set-up – just make sure you only deal with experienced professionals in this field though. This is an ideal business for those with a professional background but also people with a sound trade background or a passion for a certain subject. You can also sell courses that need little more than a bit of administration – some are written in such a way that the provider (you) can sell it online just like any other product (for example ebooks, or even perfume!) without you needing knowledge of the course subject you are selling. The course is entirely automated with tasks, assignments and self-assessment, testing and certificate of completion issuance, all done for you.  These are usually short courses, say 20 hours or so. Longer courses usually require tutoring and this is also an opportunity for those that have a passion for a certain field or subject to help others; these courses are ideal for professional development, for gaining a certificate or similar qualification or for people to start their learning towards a new career. This gives lots of opportunities for the provider to tailor an educational service for their clients. All you need is a good laptop and an internet connection! As an adjunct to this, and to increase your income potential you could also offer eBooks to your clients; ebooks that match the content of the course they enrol in.

As you can see there are lots of opportunities to lead an interesting life, travel and still have an income. If you are interested in pursuing the education option then here at ACS we can provide you with just such a business as an affiliate – tailored to suit your needs and aspirations and with minimal monetary investment from you.

We have been in the business of educating people for decades – we have built a reputation for providing quality courses and quality graduates. If you want to deal with professionals who are accustomed to working with affiliates and providing them with support and a structures

We have hundreds of courses (both short 20 hours and longer courses) and over 120 different ebooks in a limited range of disciplines: gardening ebooks, animal ebooks or psychology ebooks, etc: we provide a range of titles within these focused disciplines and a few others, and a pathway for you to start bookselling or adding to your online course sales with very minimal risk or investment - provided you have the time to commit to getting it up and running.

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