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Why choose us

There is always risk involved in starting a new business; or introducing a new enterprise into an existing business.

We can help you reduce that risk!

Our business models for selling courses and books, have been developed over decades, and operate successfully in many different parts of the world.

Like most businesses, we have also learned what does and does not work through not only successes, but also failures.

If you start a business venture with us, you have the opportunity to capitalise on what we have discovered to be successful; and avoid making mistakes that we have learned to avoid

Great Value
Many people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy into business opportunities that offer the same potential as being one of our business partners.

With the right approach, we have seen affiliates in the past, start with an initial investment as low as $20,000 and build a business with an annual turn over exceeding $200,000, within a year or two. We've seen others perform well in excess of this.

Distance Education is a growth industry world wide; with many colleges operating on annual turnovers well in excess of 10 million dollars, and some in the hundreds of millions of dollars (and with range of courses not much different to what we can supply

Great Flexibility
This is a business that can operate on a large scale or small.
Some affiliates operate as a "niche" business, targeting a particular demographic and servicing a specific industry, operating with only one or two people working in it.
Other affiliates have built large operations enrolling thousands of students each year, teaching hundreds of different courses and employing dozens of staff.
The nature of our businesses allows you to work from home, in any part of the world, so long as you have a reasonable internet connection.
Hours of operation are no where as critical as with other types of businesses. Depending upon how you choose to set up, you can work or not work at any time of the day or night.

Great Support
We have an affiliates manager, academic staff, marketing staff, IT professionals and others working permanently with ACS; and these people are all primed to advise and assist affiliates to set up and establish their new enterprise.
We hold annual affiliates meetings in both Australia and the UK, where you can meet with other affiliates and swap ideas.
The affiliates operate under the banner "ACS Global Partners"; and through our annual meetings have all worked exceptionally well with each other, for the benefit of the network as a whole.  They all recognise that "awareness" and "respect" for ACS courses is very high due to the activity of us all -The fact that people know and see our courses being offered in a range of places, tends to give them credibility that helps us all sell the courses better.

Be Different
Businesses today succeed by being different; and having the ability to offer something that is a little different to anyone else.
Our business model is one that has been developed with this need for "difference" in mind.
As an affiliate, there3 are many ways that you can differentiate and brand your product and services in a way that is unique from other affiliates.
We can show you how.

Do we share the same philosophy?
Read ACS Principal John Mason's submission to Inquiry into Agricultural Education and Training in Victoria:

John Mason was invited, in a letter dated 28th July 2011, by David Southwick MP, to make a submission to the above committee.

This letter raised many issues which I could comment on. Time constraints and other commitments limit the extent to which I might cover these issues, however, I would be happy to enter into further discussions if the committee is seriously considering addressing the underlying problems that are facing agricultural and horticultural education.

... Effectiveness of Current Programs
We hear a large amount of negativity about training package courses from industry leaders and students.
... Read the full article on the Victorian Parliament website by clicking here: 

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