What Do We Look For in a Business Partner?

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We know from experience that a successful affiliate needs to have business and marketing skills; adequate manpower and financial resources and an appreciation for the product and the educational philosophy that underpins the product.

·         Affiliates are more likely to succeed when they focus on sales and are receptive to adopting our recommendations.

·         Affiliates have most commonly failed because they don’t have a strong enough focus on selling; or because they attempt to make the courses into something which they were never designed to be.

These are excellent business opportunities, in many ways akin to a “Franchise”. Like a franchise, we have developed a successful way of operating. Business partners who do not stray too far from our mode of operation have on the whole been very successful; but those who have tried to do things very differently have frequently failed.

Do we share the same philosophy?
Read ACS Principal John Mason's submission to Inquiry into Agricultural Education and Training in Victoria:

I have been invited, in a letter dated 28th July 2011, by David Southwick MP, to make a submission to the above committee.

This letter raised many issues which I could comment on. Time constraints and other commitments limit the extent to which I might cover these issues, however, I would be happy to enter into further discussions if the committee is seriously considering addressing the underlying problems that are facing agricultural and horticultural education.

... Effectiveness of Current Programs
We hear a large amount of negativity about training package courses from industry leaders and students.
... Read the full article on the Victorian Parliament website by clicking here: 

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