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Transform Your Career, Create an Online Classroom

Are you devoted to a career in education? Are you excited to create a space online where people come to you to interact and engage with your products and services?

We are. We are also devoted to helping others realise their potential, whether that is our students or our affiliated partners. We want to work collaboratively with affiliates as, well, we don’t know everything. If you input your knowledge into what we do, let’s be honest, we can improve too.

Before going any further, let’s first consider how ACS Distance Education has secured a place as leading online education school. 

ACS courses overlap between the core foundations of learning - that is the development of soft and hard skills. We’ve maintained our position as a leading provider of flexible online courses by both developing the learner as an individual (in soft skills development) whilst responding to industry needs, through teaching hard skills!

ACS courses assist with soft skills development. We understand the need to develop as a person as recruitment and future global investment lies in people as human capital. However, and ultimately, we also recognise there’s a need to develop core skills and produce competent and capable graduates in specific roles and industries. 

Offering blended learning and training solutions, bespoke qualifications and micro credentials are all essential. If this all sounds like something you dream of being part of, let us know. If this sounds like education which is a little foreign to you, and you’ve got a little catching up to do, don’t worry. We can lead you to where you’re most suited to operating in online education and help you target your specific market.


Here are some tips for creating your online classroom:

Personalise the space between you and the learner

Send a friendly welcome email and share something about yourself. What was it that got you into online education?  Why did you start your online school? Do you have a specialist area of expertise?

Make navigation easy

Provide a helpful video for your students to get familiar with the course delivery platform.  Or make some simple templates for assignments or projects or any documents they may need to submit.

Provide a student guide

This should be the student’s go-to document and this lessens the burden on you from answering student queries.  You’re going to be busy enough managing other operations, tick this box from the start and be savvy when it comes to answering FAQ’s, this eases concerns for students too.

Provide feedback in the most positive way – timely and constructive

Your students have to you to learn. They want interaction and that informs them.  You need to prioritise this part of your service.

Post weekly reminders, updates or news

Keeping in touch with your students is important. They need you to be in their online world and so you need to go there to connect with them.  It’s a simple way to communicate to the masses and it’s also useful to engage with students wherever they are. Be mindful, this will change depending on the demographic of your learners.


Transform Your Career Today 

You really can create an outlet for your creative education business aspirations. We help you get started with the easiest business start-up and earning instantly.  

The intuitive responses of the ACS management team has enabled the school to respond to changes in industry since we commenced 1979. Futurists tells us that the rapid rate of technological advances we’ve seen recently is only to keep getting faster, fortunately for our students and affiliates, we keep responding. 

Get in touch if you'd like to share, to talk, to grow with us.


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