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Supporting Affiliates

What else can we do to help Affiliates?
We can save affiliates a great deal of money and time in many different ways.

1. Access to ACS Logistics


  • Statistical reports ranking courses according to level of sales out of our UK office, our Australian office, Online School etc.
  • ACS Marketing results (What has worked best for us in the past and now)
  • How we have managed problems (e.g. difficult students)
  • How we have managed enquiries (electronic copies & rights to use/adapt career profiles, course outlines, etc)
  • How to optimise search engine rankings
  • Ideas, strategies developed by ACS staff
  • How we deal with recognition and accreditation issues both in Australia and the UK

Note: Logistics shared with ACS by any one affiliate shall be kept confidential from other affiliates.

2.  Web Site Content

Electronic copies that can be loaded to your web sites.

  • Programming for use on affiliate web sites (eg. Course Counselling, links list submission, etc)
  • Articles, Career Profiles, Course outlines etc


3.  Promotional Support

Examples: ?Links from ACS web sites

  • Joint Media Releases promoting the affiliate as well as ACS distributed through the ACS mail lists etc.
  • Free use of our Image database (
  • Copies of ACS promotional materials, advertising copy etc, that can be adapted for affiliate use
  • Use of sample courses (e.g. for promotions

4.  Customisation Support


  • Our IT staff will customise CD’s
  • We will discuss and advise on ways you may market and deliver our courses in a different way to ACS. There are many great opportunities and possibilities for varying the product to distinguish it from other schools (eg. Combining or breaking up components to market them differently; offering a different mix of support services to what ACS offers)

5.  Books and Videos

  • A limited range of publications developed by ACS or authored by John Mason can be purchased by affiliates at a distributors discount of 60% for reselling through their own institutions
  • Video Training Programs (a limited range, but available to affiliates (see
    Alternatively, if the affiliate does not operate a student bookshop, their students can be offered the normal 10% student discount on any books purchased through the ACS Bookshop.


  • Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • AFFILIATES ROOM -affiliates can access a range of useful resources via this password protected area, including a jobs directory that lists people seeking work as a tutor, other advice on how to find and employ tutors, copies of internal documentation used by ACS (eg. procedures), copies of advertising/marketing materials, etc.
  • COURSES REPOSITORY -this is another password protected area, which gives you direct access to download the latest versions of all ACS courses. Our academic staff are continually revising and updating courses and those updates are loaded into this area continuously, almost every working day of the year. Affiliates can organise their computers to access and download these updates onto their own computers overnight; and in doing so, always have versions of the course that are most up to date.
  • Tutors can be given access to the repository; which then allows them to see the course notes and the assignments they are marking. It is also possible to view old versions of courses as well; so tutors can see changed questions if a student is working from an earlier version.



Affiliates may be offered the use of only some, or all of the following support services from ACS

1. Electronic copies of courses.

2. Updates of electronic copies of courses.

3. Electronic copies of support documents including ACS procedures Manual, Student Procedures Manual and ACS I.T. Procedures Manual (Which detail most tasks associated with the running of the school. These can be changed or adapted by each affiliate according to their own needs).

4. One customized CD; branded for the affiliate; which can be used as a basis for producing CD versions of courses for the affiliate’s own use.

5. Marketing copy including old brochures, posters, media releases etc. which can be adapted and re used as needed.

6. Use of an online course delivery system, and student access to a student room with links into videos and articles in an online library (that can be accessed and used by the affiliate if they choose).

7. Information and advice that may assist with marketing and other operations; sent to affiliates nominated email addresses. Details regularly sent to affiliates include: such as statistics from ACS web sites (indicating sales trends), updates of our record of the status of course upgrading/development, and updates on recognition and accreditation with not only ACS but other affiliates

8. Listings on ACS web sites, and advice on optimization of affiliates web sites

9. Access and rights to use stock articles and photos for promotional purposes (including )

10. Assistance/Nurturing with Tutor support (see procedure)

11. Promotion through the ACS newsletter (a subscribed list of 20,000 –Note we will promote affiliations but are not legally entitled to pass on use of the list)

12. Access to behind the scenes in our office.

13. Web programming and other types of support from ACS staff can be provided for a fee (generally cost plus 20% unless negotiated differently).

14. An ability to input into course development. Feedback from all affiliates, as well as tutors and students will be considered in making any and all decisions about what courses are worked on, and what new courses are developed.

15. The affiliate is licensed to brand their courses as an ACS Global Partner and use the logo as follows:

The affiliate can advertise themselves as either:

“An accredited ACS Global Partner”
“A member of the ACS Global Network of Colleges”


All new affiliates are offered a training program conducted by ACS staff either in the UK or Australia. In some instances it may be undertaken in real time using skype or some similar technology.

The purpose of this training is to become familiar with not only the services offered to support affiliates; but also to benefit from the experience of ACS in running a distance education school.

Throughout this initiation, any of the following may be covered:


  •  Student Records
  •  Monthly reports to ACS

Online Student Room

  • Publishing -Using library and Student Magazine

Supplying Courses

  •  How to use our repository and course delivery software
  •  How to prepare a course for CD
  •  Uploading Online course PDF updates
  •  Giving a student online access
  •  Packaging Traditional Course (Print)
  •  Getting additional materials (Books, video etc)

Communicating with ACS

  •  Emailing circulars (Course Status & news bulletins)
  •  Using Skype
  •  Using drop box or ftp
  •  Getting updated courses on CD
  •  Procedure for course updating

Dealing with Enquiries / Selling a course

  •  Review ACS procedures –Email, Mail, Phone, In person
  •  Course Counseling
  •  Standard replies
  •  The recognition question
  •  Articulations and accredited courses (& networking with other affiliates)
  •  Follow ups
  •  RPL, credit transfer

Dealing with students

  •  Marking -Our Approach/Tutor Guide 
  •  Help with tutors 
  •  Student Records
  •  Refunds
  • Dealing with typical problems such as plaigarism

Marketing Support

  •  Web Optimisation Advice (Meta tags, photos, link swaps)
  •  Advertising Materials & Media Releases
  •  IARC
  •  Student testimonials
  •  Contra arrangements with publishers
  •  Newsletters
  •  Other -exhibitions


  •  Use of some words (recognition, accreditation, degree, university)
  •  Copyright/Plagiarism (ease of it; affect of globalisation)
  •  ACS credits on course materials


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