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Start A Business in Retirement or for Career Change

Start A Business in Retirement or for a Career Change

Most people like the idea of retiring: going to bed and getting up when they please, travelling, pursuing hobbies - what’s not to like? People are living longer, which means a retiree at 60 could be looking at 25 years of life in retirement. After the initial euphoria of total freedom has worn off, reality often sinks in; for some boredom strikes. Others may find that their nest-egg won’t give them the travel, wine and dine lifestyle they thought it would. Depression strikes some and lower income may leave others feeling more tied down than they did in their jobs.

A loss of skills to the community occurs when people retire; people with 40 years of accumulated knowledge fade away in suburbia, their skills fading with them.   If you have made the decision to retire and now realise that you still have a lot to ‘give’, you could consider using the skill set you acquired during your working years to help others and at the same time earn an income to supplement your retirement funding.

On the other hand you may not be retired or even looking to retire but you are craving a career change. If you have had a career (retired or not), you have transferable skills, they are your biggest asset and resource and are often overlooked when people think about a career change. Teachers, managers, CEOs, accountants, trades persons, nurses, nutritionists, IT experts, designers etc. all have skill sets that can be used differently – in a new, yet allied, career. Explore new ways you can pass on your skills and at the same time earn an income, control the size of your income and the business you start up too. Another aspect to using your current skills to diversify means that you have the confidence needed to succeed in the competitive online environment. Starting something new that is outside of your skill set could mean you are competing with people very qualified and conversant in that field already.

Do your own skills assessment: make a list of all the skills you have accumulated over the years and then against that list ways that they may be used differently or areas that you consider there is a need or gap. For example if you are a garden professional such as a horticulturist you might decide that there is a gap in pest and disease recognition and management. Or you may decide that there is a gap for online garden advice in your local area or an online garden design advice service if you are a garden designer.  There are also a lot of young entrepreneurs who want to set-up a start-up business and need some mentoring. Many millennials are seeing advantages in running their own business on a lap-top, anywhere and anytime, from their transportable ‘tiny home’ or from an exotic location as they travel the world; they often value the advice of established, knowledgeable business people, who have been there before them, especially if they can tap into this expertise online.   

Can travel come in to it?
Many jobs these days can be done purely online using a laptop. This flexibility means that, given the right business choice, you can run your own business anywhere in your country or even in the world and in your own time. You don’t need to put in 8 hour days, 5 days a week either. You need to decide, from the outset, how much time and energy you want to put into your business, remembering why you retired or wanted that career change in the first place! Career changers could even consider creating a small start-up part-time business while still employed, gradually building it up to a point where you can leave your job to work on your business full or part-time.


Freelancer/consultant: offer your skills to other businesses - marketing, designing, writing, digital skills etc. For example: designs skills cover a huge variety of careers: website design or other digital skills, textile design, building design, garden design etc. You can use these skills to set up an online advisory or design business – showcasing a range of the work you have done in the past to demonstrate your professional abilities.

Professional development: use your skills from the business world (management, marketing, sales, etc) to set up online professional development programs.

Online mentors: this could be mentoring a start-up business for example, or how to choose a career, or just training or coaching people about various aspects of their job or business or even a particular skill online. Online training, mentoring etc could also give you the opportunity to offer online courses.

Community educators: as the amount of people in active retirement increases so do the opportunities for community education. If you are or were a teacher this may be an obvious choice, on the other hand you could undertake a short course in training and run courses yourself. This would not give you a large income but you could supplement that by offering online courses for example.

Bloggers: If you have good writing skills, you could use your career knowledge or your hobbies and passions to create a blog.  Once you build up a good, regular audience you could also be paid by including advertising relevant to your blogs and your audience.

Run an online ebook shop: If you like the idea of selling books but don’t want to be tied down with stock or a book-shop then an online ebook store could be a worthwhile addition to your start-up business portfolio and could add income.

Online educator: a slightly different approach to online mentoring; here you would offer set online courses (rather than an advisory/mentoring service). Your skill set assessment should pinpoint the types of online course that you could offer. There is a growing trend for online education especially those of a more informal yet informative nature. Not everyone is looking for a qualification – knowledge is more important to some if the course is positively helpful. Setting up your own online courses would obviously take a huge input of time and energy.



ACS affiliates packages aim to provide you with an opportunity to develop an online presence (which in itself may attract customers who previously didn’t have you on their radar). More than that though, it provides an opportunity to set up a great, easy to run, business or a whole new revenue stream that can complement and add to your existing business, or to run as a retirement business or career change start-up.

  • We can set up a new web site, branded for you that can offer a whole range of downloadable books and automated short courses (no tutoring required).
  • You also have the opportunity to add longer courses - from 100 hours through to packages of courses that could, for example, become a complete professional development program. These can be chosen to be within your field of expertise and qualifications but do require assessing and tutoring – the choice is yours.

Talk to our staff and explore the possibilities!

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