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Staff Training In Horticulture Made Easy

Are you looking for an easy way to train your staff? 

What is in it for you?

Up to date, knowledgeable staff are essential to any horticultural business.

There is a lot to learn in horticulture, thousands of plant species, good techniques in pruning through to hydroponics and plant varieties.

IF you are looking to train your staff, we can help.

Why train your staff with ACS DE?
  1. All of our courses are studied by distance learning, so your staff can study at a time and location to suit you and them.
  2. They don’t need to take time off work to attend training.
  3. They can start at any time.
  4. They can study short 20 hour courses through to diploma level qualifications. 
  5. Our courses are regularly updated and written by our expert horticulturalists, ensuring your staff receive high quality, up to date training.
  6. We also offer a range of niche courses in topics such as conifers, medicinal herbs, lavender, geraniums and more.  This means that your staff can focus on the particular topic that you need them to.

Do you think this sounds interesting? Are you looking to train your staff? Or perhaps you would be interested in offering training to other people’s staff? 

Educating and informing other people can be a very satisfying role.

Offering training to other organisations can also provide an additional income stream to your existing business.

Imagine, if you are a gardening, horticultural or landscaping business and have staff to train, you will realise the training requirements of other businesses as well. Use your first-hand experience and knowledge of the industry to your own advantage.

Sending staff to college to do face to face training or getting bespoke trainers into businesses can be too costly for most firms.  They may put training on hold for their staff, which can be a mistake. Highly, knowledgeable and well qualified staff are essential in horticulture. If they do not enough about their industry and their products, they will not do well for you.  

What clients want to listen to a horticulturalist who doesn't recognise certain plants or know what to plant where?

Other horticultural businesses may need cost-effective and convenient training. Why not expand the income of your own business and offer staff training to other organisations? ACS DE can help. 

What are the benefits for your business by doing this?
  1. It is a way to add an extra income stream to your business.
  2. It is a way to expand your business.
  3. You are already knowledgeable in the staff training required in your industry, so why not use that knowledge to offer training to other people’s staff?
  4. It doesn't have to be training for organisations and firms only. You can also sell courses to individuals.
  5. There are many different types of business in horticulture, but you may already have a target audience of people who have used your services, friends in the industry, colleagues, other businesses that you liaise with. They may all be interested in using your services to train their staff.
So why consider working with ACS DE?
  • We were established in 1979 and offer over 700 distance learning courses and dozens of eBooks. You could re-brand and resell our courses and eBooks to sell to your own customers and clients. 
  • Our Principal, John Mason, is a very experienced and knowledgeable horticulturalist who has used this knowledge to develop training materials and eBooks in a wide range of horticultural topics, that YOU could sell on.
  • Our materials range from lower cost eBooks right through to more advanced qualifications. This gives you a flexibility to sell the right learning materials to the customers you attract.
  • You only have to look at our courses, short courses and eBooks to realise that we are passionate about horticulture.  Use our passion for developing high quality training materials and use that to improve your own business and train good quality, knowledgeable staff.
  • Our affiliate managers, Kate Gibson and Jade Sciascia, are very experienced in helping affiliates through the process of starting their own school. They are there to help you every step of the way.
    Kate Gibson in Australia can be contacted at or +61 (0)7 5562 1088
    Jade Sciascia in the UK can be contacted at or +44 (0)1384 442752

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