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Staff Training

Cost versus Value to your Business

Staff training can be costly.  Businesses and organisations can struggle to find the finances to fund the training budget, may not have a budget at all, or may think that staff training is not worthwhile.

This can be a mistake.

A well trained, knowledgeable member of staff can be worth their weight in gold.

Go to a garden centre and ask a member of staff about growing plants in the shade and they don’t know. What do you do? Go elsewhere. The garden centre loses the business.

Have a problem and need to think of some ideas to improve a business? Who do you want to help you? A member of staff who knows nothing about improving your business or one who is informed, on the ball and has many ideas?

The world is changing rapidly. What a member of staff needed to know 10 years ago may be very different today. Just think in terms of technology. The technological advances we have had in the last ten years have been massive and staff need to keep up to date with that.

It is not just about technology though. Knowledge changes all the time about different subjects.

  • There is new research in psychology.
  • New studies on good nutrition.
  • New techniques for marketing on social media
  • New ways to sell writing and different platforms where people can write.

It is important that staff are 

  • Kept up to date.
  • Knowledgeable.
  • Professional.
  • Well trained.

Train your Staff 

If you have staff, you will need to seriously consider how you train them. There are many options available –

  • Bespoke training run at the workplace – this can be costly and mean that staff are all taken out of the workplace at the same time.
  • Enrolling staff members on face to face training courses – Again, this can be costly. Also, if a member of staff trains at college, for example, once a week, it means that that staff member is not available during the day.
  • Distance Learning – this is a more convenient option as staff can study at a time and location to suit the business.

Whichever option a business chooses, they should seriously consider the pros and cons of that form of training.

Staff training is therefore an important and growing market. People want to keep up to date.

People change jobs more frequently today than they used to.

Firms may offer staff training, but some may not.

People may therefore choose to do their own training as a way to improve their own skills, knowledgeability and employability.  

Diversify your Business 

Or perhaps you might want to tap into this growth market and actually offer training courses and learning materials to other businesses. For example –

  • Pick a niche industry and sell training courses and learning materials to gardeners, landscapers, people wanting to become creative writers, those interested in psychology and so on.
  • Expand your own business by offering training to other firms.
  • Add another income stream to your business by selling training courses.

If you are a business that 

  • Has staff they want to train
  • Would like to expand their own business
  • Would like another income stream
  • Has a good reputation in your area

Then why not consider becoming an affiliate of ACS DE and rebrand and sell our training courses to other employers and firms?

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