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Shorter Courses

Another Product To Sell

Where you do little more than sell, collect the money and pay us our commission

  • Fully automated, interactive Study Guides created by enhancing and extending our eBooks.
  • This range of products is different to our long established standard 100 hour distance education courses and to our ebooks; priced above the eBooks and lower than the distance education courses.

What the Customer/Student Gets

The customer enrols in a course by filling out a simple enrolment form (requesting minimal information), and paying their course fee.

The enrolment may be verified automatically (via payment systems), or manually, and access to the study program is provided.

The student is sent two emails; one a receipt of payment, the other explaining how to proceed with their studies. They can then access and download their study guide & save it to their computer or device.

There are two parts to the study program -

  1. The study guide which is a pdf containing text and illustrations.
  2. Links from the study guide to interactive components of the course.

The study guide is a pdf which can be read on or off line, at any time, and may be printed as a hard copy of the study guide if so desired.

The interactive components are driven using powerful cloud based software developed by our programmers. The student will need to be connected to the internet when using those components.

As they work through a study program, they are given options for lots of learning experiences; and they may pick and choose which of those activities they do and do not do. Obviously the more they do, the more is learnt, but also, the longer the study will take. (On average we expect someone can complete their study in around 20 hours).

At the end of each lesson, an interactive self assessment test is undertaken; and results given, so the student can monitor their progress.

After completing all lessons, a much more comprehensive interactive self assessment test may be undertaken (at any time), and upon completing this with a 60% or more of the questions answered correctly, the student graduates with a Certificate of Completion.

The certificate of completion contains the logo of the affiliate, with the ACS Global Partners logo, and has the student's name (retrieved from original enrolment records), inserted automatically onto their certificate.

The whole process from enrolment to graduation is automated.


How the Affiliate Delivers the Service - Options

There are plenty of options for how any affiliate may choose to deliver these study guides as a course, and our staff are happy to help you decide what is best for you.

  • You may customise your "welcome to study letter" to offer any configuration of services you wish to offer. Some affiliates may choose to provide access to a "help desk", membership to a "club", or something else as part of the enrolment.
  • You may develop a scheme where a combination of these courses leads to the awarding of a higher qualification; or perhaps  run face to face practical workshops in combination with these study programs.
  • You may use these programs to operate a "school" attached to another business; providing "add on" sales/income to supplement your main business. eg. A retail garden centre or pet barn may develop a "school" and offer customers "learning programs" combined with a loyalty club, to build return clientele.
  • The affiliate can customise the certificate awarded to include their own logo 

What is Available

The first of these study programs were launched in November 2015. The following are currently available:

  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Skills
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Project Management
  • Managing Events
  • Business Start Up
  • Counselling Practice
  • Behaviour Profiling
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Alcohol and Addiction Counselling
  • Managing Stress
  • Introduction to Food and Nutrition
  • Brewing, Fermenting and Wine Making - July 2018
  • Identifying Plants (Taxonomy and Botany) - June 2018
  • What to Plant Where
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Designing a Garden
  • Pruning Plants
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Land Degradation, Restoration and Management
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Animal Behaviour - June 2018
  • Feeding Animals
  • Caring for Horses
  • Dog Care
  • Bees, Beekeeping and Honey

Others will follow throughout 2018.

What it Costs You

A % of the enrolment fees received are to be paid monthly, to ACS.

These programs are to be sold with an enrolment fee at or higher than the same level that ACS Distance Education charges (i.e. $200 or 100 Pounds Stirling - or equivalent).

If the affiliate wishes to add extra services to the product, they may choose to increase the enrolment fee.

Our Rationale

The concept here is to provide affiliates with a new type of learning product, one step up in cost and complexity from our eBooks; but a step down from our standard correspondence courses.

  • This provides the "learner" or "customer" with an opportunity to study, without as high a level of commitment.
  • It provides the "affiliate" or "licensee" with the possibility of starting a school that does not require the same demand on manpower or staff time, as a more traditional school.

We are repackaging some of our existing intellectual property into courses that are:

A. Able to be completed by a student in 20 hours. Options to do more hours for more learning exist.

B. Harnessing new technology developed by our staff to have a higher degree of "automation" in the delivery and management of the courses. A new affiliate will (depending upon how they choose to run their courses); be able to start and operate a school with very minimal manpower.

C. Enabling flexibility in ways different affiliates might package and deliver -so as to differentiate from each other in many ways, in order to target and capture very different niche markets.

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