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Selling Points


The selling points you choose to feature will depend upon the courses you sell, the way you choose to configure services you offer and the  target markets you aim to service. We have developed these courses and the other services we offer, in a way that offers you a great many choices, so that every affiliate can differentiate their offerings to be distinct from everyone else.

Our courses are different to what is offered by vocational colleges and universities elsewhere, in many, positive ways.

  • They are constantly being revised and updated (unlike what is often offered elsewhere).
  • They emphasise "experiential" learning
  • They are developed with a greater international relevance; recognising that people increasingly work internationally.
  • They focus on developing a strong sensitivity to change and a student's ability to adapt to change
  • They target "information processors". (Note: There are 2 types of learners, recognised by psychologists -information gatherers and processors. Many colleges are geared more to the gatherers than us; but the processors are closer to 75% of the population).

There are many things that differentiate the courses we offer, including:

1. We design courses to provide an education that will improve a person's capabilities for life (rather than just a qualification to help them get their first job).

2. We have developed an education system that is sustainable, so that students can feel secure and studies will not be interrupted by funding, politics or other issues outside of the colleges control.


Dreams sell far better than things in any industry. Most universities and colleges however focus on selling the college or course rather than dreams. If the colleges and courses on offer all seem similar; people may choose to enrol because a course is cheaper, it is seen to be more prestigious or they have been convinced it is necessary to study.

Avoid price wars in education; because that simply takes the focus off the dream and puts the focus on money. In the long term, this is not a sustainable way to market education.

For us at ACS, the process of selling a course involves helping people to find their ultimate dream or goal. This may be to become an expert or employed in a particular discipline or industry; or it may be to simply have the experience of learning. When people first contact us, they may think their end goal is to possess a qualification; but a good course counsellor can explore beyond that and help them see why they want that qualification. There is almost always an underlying dream, far deeper than the qualification. That dream may be to do with understanding things, being more capable of doing things, having greater security and control over their working life, or something else.

When the person understands their dream, and can see that the path to that dream is via your course, they are most likely going to enrol with you. When people are buying things, they will sometimes buy the cheapest option. When they are buying dreams, they don't consider cost because dreams are priceless. The best way to sell courses is to find people who have dreams, then help them focus and plot a pathway to their dream which begins with your course. Be prepared to discard those who don't fit this approach.



Reinforce a cultural attitude that accreditation and recognition are of minimal significance when compared with the actual learning experience.
Our courses are focused on helping you learn as opposed to others that focus on assessing you and providing some formal endorsement. At the end of the day, assessment and endorsement means you have met minimum standards; but in doing so, the focus on learning is split between learning and qualifications. We don't split focus. Our effort is almost entirely on helping you learn: which means learning is better; and ultimately the person who learns better is more successful than thew one who might be endorsed as meeting minimum standards, but has learned less.
It muddies the waters of what is really important to get bogged down discussing accreditation and when you start doing that, your focus on what is really important becomes diminished.


At ACS, we make a point of trying to be self sufficient in order to ensure business sustainability for ourselves and our business partners.

Most universities and colleges around the world are vulnerable to decisions beyond their control.

  • Accreditation bodies can change course content with little notification. This can mean rewriting course materials and restructuring systems; and the additional work at best can cause stress and damage profit ....and at worst, it can result in closing down the business.
  • Courses often depend on prescribed text books; but with massive changes in the publishing industry, reliable supply of text books has become a thing of the past. All too often, publishers decide to stop printing or importing books -and students are faced with being in a course that does not have available text materials.
  • With ACS courses, students can be more certain that studies will not be damaged by books not being available or government audits or policy changes closing or changing a course before it is completed (Things that we have seen happen).



The world today is changing fast.  Often mainstream courses are developed over many years, to meet a need identified by a committee or politician in the distant past. Graduates can, as a result, emerge from courses with knowledge that was identified as needed 10 years earlier. This may have worked in the 20th century; but it does not work today!  We see a need, survey for demand, develop a course and enrol students -all within a matter of only 2 or 3 months (very few education systems have this capability)

University graduates often don't ever find work in the discipline they studied. Qualifications are not a guarantee of work, but what you learn can make a big difference -if you learn useful things.

Our courses emphasise learning first because it is the learning that affects a person's long term career success.

These and other things make our courses different; and success in today's world comes from being different!

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