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Reinvent a Health or Welfare Career

How Health or Welfare Professionals can Move their Career in a New Direction

Health and welfare professions can be both rewarding and demanding.

Do you need to take a step back?

When people start a career in health and welfare, they are usually looking to be of service in a caring role.  This might include: roles as a medical receptionist, pharmacy assistant, nurse, emergency workers, family support or aged care workers; or maybe even a funeral director.

Learning and gaining knowledge will be continual - both through formal study, as well as on the job. Awareness and expertise in helping people will develop, but dealing with other people’s problems on a daily basis can be wearing.
There comes a point where you may need to stop and reassess your place in the profession.  A reinvention of a career might be the next logical step.

Questions you might ask yourself:

  • Do I need a new challenge?
  • Do I need to make a change for their own mental well-being?
  • Is there a better way I can use my network and expertise to care for individuals or a community?
  • Can I use these skills to start my own business?
  • Can I use or blend a hobby, special interest or personal passion into owning a business?
  • Is it possible to build a business which is less reliant on government restrictions and funding constraints?

There are many reasons why people move on from a career at the coal face. Whatever the reason, the transition doesn’t need to be daunting, you can make changes that best suit you.

Reinventing Your Career

If you want a more sustainable and secure future income, the first thing to understand is that most employment opportunities are in self-employment.  There has been a shift to small business and self-employment over the last decade, and trend is likely to continue.
Improvements in technology and computing has changed the way work is carried out and the dynamics of all work places.  This has led to employers using fewer people to do more work.  This is a disadvantage to the employee, but this is also an opportunity that you are able to start your own business.  A business where the workload can be covered by yourself, or with limited staff.

Play it Safe: Transition Slowly

There’s always a risk if you simply quit your job and attempt to do something completely different.  This could be studying for a completely new profession.  This becomes more difficult particularly if you are counting on someone employing you after graduation (given that many professions are reducing the numbers they employ).
Being constrained by various commitments, these being finances, time, family and health, is something that most need to consider.  But, it is still possible to get a business established while balancing all aspects of your life.

This could be by:

  • Continuing to work and run a new business out-of-hours
  • Share your time: working part-time and run a part-time business

If your impetus for change is to simply reduce the stress of the job, or to find a new challenge, you may find two different part time careers may work better for you than one full time vocation.

Consider Becoming an ACS Affiliate

Our affiliates program can be an interesting option for any health or welfare professionals who are seeking to broaden their horizons and reinvent their career.
Many of our graduates have completed their studies with us, and have transitioned to a new career path. We can let you know how they have gone about this.

What it means to be an ACS Affiliate is not restrictive and can be different to everyone.

Consider how you could:

  • Add an online School/College to the business you already operate (For example: A practitioner or health food shop offering health courses)
  • Start an online business offering locum services together with online courses and an online bookshop

You are only limited by your imagination!

We’re happy to discuss all possible options with you.  We are are available by phone or contact our Affiliations Manager at



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