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Radical Changes to the Future of Work - Get Ahead Now

Let’s talk about creative work styles, sustainable prosperity and leading your own future as a work from home education professional.  

You are a freelancer? You are a consultant? You work from home? You want to increase business turnover? You want a higher take-home salary? You are self-employed and ambitious?

You are all of the above?  What next?

Let’s not be whimsical here, we are not wasting time gazing into a future made of dreams. We have analysed many of the key trends shaping the future of jobs and skills and what we’ve learned is the future sees an emergence of a networked global talent pool. Jobs and skills need to be developed in response to the transformation agenda on the horizon. To have any chance of financial well-being, you need to put yourself firmly in the centre of such change for a successful career or business.  

Have you been thinking of online education as a way to make that happen? Now is your chance to come on board with a supportive and dedicated team. Our network is thriving but we’ve also kept ACS Global Partnerships small enough so that we can provide the support and advice to our affiliated schools and colleges as they need it.

Now you might be thinking you are keen to explore this opportunity, however you’re not already an established school or college so you're unsure how you fit into the mix of affiliates? Well, the great news is you still can. We are actively looking for professionals who can start an online school from the ground. To be honest this often works best in our view. You don’t need thousands in capital to invest and you can start at a level of work and commitment which is a manageable add-on to whatever you’re already doing. If you are a sole trader, our business model works for you.

Research shows that individuals needs to make provisions for security. In a market where jobs and skills are changing rapidly, we wanted to share some of those disruptive trends expected from now to 2030… these might influence how you think about developing your online business.   

So traditional job roles are affected across all sectors:

  • Law and politics creates the potential for economic reform or fragmentation.
  • Business and the economy expects to create geographic alternative centres of excellence e.g. banking moves overseas to alternative economies. We may also see de-globalisaton from governments working to protect their own assets and industries and reduce foreign influence, this means trading may be reduced.
  • Technology and innovation continues to see the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics increasingly automating services and processes.
  • Resources and the environment disruptions include climate disasters and resource disputes between countries which could change the supply and demand patterns we are used to.
  • Societies and individuals will also be affected by changing corporate policies (and values), education online means traditional models of learning will be completely replaced by micro-learning, gamified learning or experiential approaches.

That last point relates tightly to what ACS Distance Education’s online learning courses supply. Micro-credentials are on par 100% with what we offer, so too is experiential learning. So the online education business model we have already takes account of any disruptions to societies and individuals which could radically change how we work in the world.

Now it’s worth considering your own role and skill set, thereby assessing if you can evolve, grow and achieve your own success. Taking charge of your time in a self-employed capacity allows you to work anywhere, anytime, and meet the needs of your market without even leaving your home should you choose.

So what does being an ACS affiliate leave you to worry about? Well, the answer is, very little. You can rely on your own dedicated mentor in your region to support you as you get started. We’ve got you covered:  

  • We have all the IT support you will need to get started.
  • We have developed our own technology so you don’t need to rely on external resources or pay for that either.
  • We are very experienced in program and qualification development, you have confidence in the robust products which teach and educate and your students, who will then graduate having developed skills and acquired knowledge.
  • We can make gaining external recognition easier, we have connections with a global education approval and registration centre should this be important to you.
  • We have highly trained subject matter experts who know the industries well – we review content and keep our courses fresh and engaging for our learners. Your learners.
  • We have knowledgeable and experienced marketing staff to provide assistance if you need it, or inspiration when your creative flow disappears.

Our aim is not to predict the future, but to assist you to understand how you can flex and grow to stay ahead of changes. Reduce stress and be creative. Secure your future. Work for yourself – where, when and however you choose. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

If you want to find out more about what we know, we'd love to connect with you. Our network of affiliates were all people who once were starting out on a new venture just like you. It all begins with a thought, a dream, a vision, a goal, an aspiration and a plan.

Get in touch with our affiliates support teams to find out more today! Work with us and reach your emerging future… 






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