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Quality Online Learning Is Needed Now More Than Ever Before

Grow or create a flexible online learning department!

If you’re seeking ways to broaden your income stream and utilise your professional vision, there’s absolutely no point in recreating the patterns from the past. Transformation doesn’t take place when you look backwards. To make change within your business, you must explore the future and your specific aims. Do you want to emerge as a successful leader in the post-secondary sector?

Working with learners means building human capital. In your daily work in education, you may not directly think about your nation’s economic wealth or growth, but our government’s leaders do, and their focus is on building employ-ability and training and bridging the skills shortage gaps.

The message in the sector is clear and simple. Do not wait for opportunity to come to you. Build your own empire, seek your own opportunities. There’s a need for collaboration, to continue changing the post-secondary sector to change to meet the needs of employers now and in the future. Access innovation funding available to your business, or invest your own capital to build a flexible online learning branch into what you’re doing already, into your current business model.  Network and connect with those who have progressive attitudes to change how and what we deliver in education.

We hear often how employers need skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Wealthy national and international companies are always looking for dedicated people seeking careers and life-long opportunities. Most employers and industries, are desperately seeking new people, innovative minds and committed professionals. With Brexit in the UK to come, we know this is going to impact the labour market. Change needs to happen now ahead of that.

If you operate an online school or if you’re thinking about joining the ACS network, you may need to think about the reasons why online learning is central to your business success. You need to understand the online learner and their needs:


Adult learners want to learn in an environment conducive to their success!

No adult learner wants to pay their hard earned cash to sit in a classroom environment where others lack the same motivation or drive. We see this too often in mainstream colleges, or on campus learning – undefeatable distractions from other students. Learning at home, online, is the simple and the most efficient way to learn.


Learning at home means students don’t need to travel to attend a class.

Accessibility is a physical barrier to learning for those located in regional and remote areas. We’re not talking about huge distances specifically. It could be said if someone needs to drive for 1 hour to attend class, it could be too much for them, driving an hour there and then an hour back again. Learning in the home is the perfect solution for busy people. The cost of travel is another issue which is overcome by offering flexible home learning.


Students still need support.

Offering tutor supported online learning is disappearing. We know there’s vast quantities of online learning schools delivering the minimum level of support to students, such as email support for example. However, so many students are normal and ordinary people who want to talk and connect with others. Your online learning school might offer a range of services or delivery options to meet the needs of your students. Make your school inclusive.  Provide forums or platforms for online connections to develop.  Make your school a place for learning to take place with students at the centre but connection to professionals on the peripheral.


Students also still say they want assessment!

Who would have thought it?! Assessment is as necessary as it has always been in education as it guides learners and informs them. Quality and timely feedback does. The horde of online schools, offering free, cheap, quick courses don’t offer real education. Are they complacent when it comes to assessment?  The old education motto - assessment is, as and for learning – still rings true. It could be argued in many of those free courses found online, some of that material could be sourced and downloaded or read in textbooks for the most part. Real learning means real assessment and this is where your business can stand out from those quick, freebie courses. This is what students who are paying for online education still want. As an affiliate, you access the course assessment materials and again you are free to amend or add to our assessments as you need to for your consumer group. Robust assessment systems give a student confidence in the course and gives employers confidence in the learning attained. 


Deliver what your students expect and go to where they are.

Do you want to run online student support hubs? Do you want to provide webinars? Do you want to provide some content as podcasts? Do you want to embed videos into course material? You’re not limited in how you deliver the outcomes of a course. You can take the content of ACS courses are provide add-ons, or you can deliver it exactly as it. Use your own creativity to make your courses unique to your school.


The points above were developed from insights delivered by the College Development Network event in the UK. There were influential and inspirational speakers serving up some key messages to help us and you develop and grow your education business.

If you want to find out more about what we know, get in touch. We keep our finger on the pulse and can connect with you others who think the same. We have a vibrant network of affiliates. We genuinely want to hear how you plan to build your online or flexible learning department into your school. The greatest benefit of the ACS network is that we collaborate and share – all schools and students can benefit.

Get in touch with our dedicated affiliates support teams to find out more today! Work with us on how to reach your emerging future…


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