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Premium License

The Premium License is the best way to fast track a business

It offers the best potential to earn a considerable, profitable income.

It works best for those who have the time, resources and commitment to devote to developing a new business enterprise which recognises and builds on the model which we have tested and proven over decades with ACS in our schools in the UK and Australia.

We have seen spectacular successes with new affiliations.

The successes have almost always been characterised by three things:

  1. Marketing - the ability to get lots of leads and an ability to close a sale
  2. Product Knowledge - knowing what our courses and books are; and using them as they were developed to be used.
  3. Differentiation - working with us to package the services and products in a way that is different to other affiliates. In this way, finding and developing untapped niche markets.

Failures have inevitably been characterised by one or more of the following:

  1. Falsely assuming they could make our courses into something they were never intended to be. (One common example is focusing too much on selling qualifications rather than focusing on selling the learning). 
  2. Assigning the job of marketing and sales to people who are not capable of selling.
  3. Procrastination - taking too long to launch the business. Some spend so much time trying to perfect everything on a web site, that they run out of finance and motivation before they even start trying to sell a course.

What you get

  • Template Web Site –provides you with a "manageable".Net" site that has the capacity to sell both courses and ebooks. Basic information is already loaded onto the site to sell courses and ebooks (Only names, prices and a very brief generic description for each; but enough to begin making sales immediately if you have a customer ready to buy).  Minimal other information is already on the site
  • Online Delivery System – We provide a unique channel for online delivery of courses. Using software written by our staff, access to courses is directly from a database maintained by our staff; but the technology will automatically re-brand the courses with each affiliates own name and logo.  Because you are accessing course materials from our database; rather than your own; you do not have the ongoing added cost of needing to upload revised courses into your database each time something is updated.
    Note: You will need to expand, and if you want, change the minimal information on the site we supply, to create a uniqueness and optimise the site.
  • An online affiliates room with tools for training yourself and staff; marketing advice and a directory of potential tutors. We maintain this as a register for people around the world who are seeking employment as tutors. There are often hundreds listed; who have had a preliminary screening by ACS. This makes it easy for you to find and employ tutors whenever you need them.
  • Access to an online repository of all courses and books. These products are continually being revised and added to, so you have access to the latest version of everything.
  • Support from ACS staff in both the UK and Australia, through out affiliates manager

The initial establishment fee is $7,950 (+ GST if applicable) –but for this added cost, you are likely to become operational faster; and incur lower set up costs.

Payment system built into site that can be connected to Paypal for example (once account is arranged by yourself)
Automated reporting of sales for billing.
Optional initial “web optimisation” pack for an additional sum.


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