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Monetize your Blog


Blogs are increasingly popular. Gaille estimates that there are 152 million blogs operating world wide and more are added daily.

Blogs that post daily are more likely to get visitors and readers than those that post weekly or monthly.

Blogs range from simple free ones through to complex, paid for websites running in the form of blogs.

All over the internet, there are bloggers telling others how to write blogs and how to make money from them.


The different types of blogs are too numerous to mention. A person can write a blog for any reason really. Some popular examples include –

  • Writing a novel – Some authors start off writing their novel on a blog, to gain interest in their novel.
  • Some bloggers may simply want to share an interest. For example, there are a lot of foodie blog, where people share what and how they are cooking.
  • Diary blogs – where people share what they are doing in their lives. A pregnant woman may share her experiences during pregnancy. A person trying to lose weight may share their weight loss journey in the form of a diary blog.
  • A runner or walker may share information about places that are good to run or walk.
  • Product review blogs may carry out reviews of products that the person has a particular interest in. For example, films, cars, TV series and so on.
  • A blogger may share tips, for example, a gardener may share gardening tips on when to plant certain plants and what to plant where.
  • Political blogs or campaign blogs that push a particular political ideology or campaign ideology.
  • Famous people may have their own blog to share what they are doing.
  • Blogs do not have to be for any reason, it can simply be because the blogger wants to share their thoughts and ideas.

These are just some examples of the reasons people may have a blog. There are many more.  Blogs can be about anything a person wants to write about.


  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Spread information (such as a campaign)

They may write for their own personal interest or to make money.

Some bloggers may set out with the sole intention of making money from their blog. Others may write for person interest. Some may be a mixture of this, starting off for interest, then wanting to make money. Or starting off to make money, then finding that they enjoy it simply for the fun of it.


There are different ways to make money from a blog –

Sign up to an affiliate programmes

Affiliate programmes are offered by companies. A person with a blog or website applies to join a company’s affiliate programme. If accepted, they can then post links and adverts on their blog. If someone comes on to their blog and clicks on the link, then buys something from the company, the blogger earns a commission. Many firms have affiliate programmes. 

For example, a wine review blogger might become an affiliate for various wine companies and even supermarkets. They will write articles about wine, then post links on their site linking to the various companies they are affiliates for.  Then if someone clicks on the link and buys some wine, the blogger will earn a fee or commission.


Advertising is another option. Bloggers can apply to join advertising programmes, such as googleads. Adverts on placed on their blog. Again, they are given a link on their site in the form of an advert. If someone clicks on the link, they will earn a small fee, for example 1p through to higher amounts. 

Bloggers may also approach organisations and ask them to advertise on their site.  This may be harder initially as the advertiser may not wish to advertise on a blog with a small number of readers, but as the blogger increases their readership, they may find it easier to sell advertising.

Set up a Support Blog

For example, a counsellor might set up a “problem page” blog and respond to problems. A dance teacher may offer to answer questions about dance topics. A bookshop owner might give book reviews and ask readers for their reviews.  This will promote your blog and your business, as it will increase your readers and your visibility. These readers are also potential customers for your business.

If you do decide to do this, be clear on how quickly you will respond. Don’t aim to respond immediately or promise to respond immediately or it could take over your life.  Give a reasonable time frame on how quickly you will respond.  For example, Queries will be answered in X days.

Also, be clear on confidentiality and how this will be maintained.

If you are writing a blog that gives diet or nutrition or mental health or medical advice or similar, you should include a disclaimer advising that your responses are no replacement for medical help.

Selling a Product

Bloggers may also monetise their blog by selling products. For example, a person may run an ebay store and write a blog talking about their products. The wine reviewer mentioned above may start to sell wine him/herself, talking about it on their blog.


Another option is to set up your own bookstore or online school. This may be something you have not considered but can be a good way to monetize your blog, whilst receiving great support from ACS Distance Education.

ACS Distance Education offers two ways to help you to monetize your blog –

  1. Set up your own online bookstore.We offer a wide range of eBooks , which you can view at

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    Imagine you have your own writing blog, you could perhaps sell creative writing and technical writing ebooks.

    If you have a health and nutrition blog, why not sell ebooks about health, nutrition, psychology and well being?

    If you have a gardening blog, we offer a wide range of gardening eBooks to supplement your income.

  2. Another option is to offer distance learning courses on your blog and sell distance learning courses. Again, we offer a wide range of courses, which you can view on our websites, such as

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When you have viewed this information, if you would like to discuss further how to montize your blog, our affiliate managers are happy to help –

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