ACS can save a new affiliate time and money by sharing experience, knowledge and resources related to marketing.
For instance:

  • Text copy and art work for promotional materials including course outlines, advertisements, posters, web pages etc.
  • Statistical information, i.e. which courses sell best.
  • Strategic information such as how to market courses effectively.
  • IT support from our staff, and coding for web sites which has been developed by ACS. This may need new branding and adapting to the affiliate's needs; but support such as this can significantly cut time and money required to establish a web presence.
  • Promotion through linkages on ACS web pages, and in ACS online newsletters.
  • Suggestions of what marketing initiatives have worked and marketing initiatives that may be worth trying; and what has been tried and failed. There are never guarantees, but more than three decades of marketing, and our own ongoing marketing efforts, have taught us what media (print and electronic), and other marketing efforts (eg. direct engagement, trade shows etc), will have better or poorer chances of success.


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