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Managing Tutors


It can be a challenge finding tutors and managing the services they provide your students -particularly for a new affiliate, launching a new distance education school.

We have a range of systems in place that can make this task relatively easy.

Finding the Tutors

We maintain a register of tutors. Affiliates are given access to the list and can use it to locate and employ already screened applicants. It can take less than a day to find, employ and have a tutor marking in virtually all subjects.

ACS has it's own standard tutor contracts. New affiliates can adapt a copy to their own needs. This saves having to create a new contract from scratch.

Training Tutors

  • ACS has it's own standard tutor marking guide. New affiliates can adapt a copy to their own needs. This saves having to create a new contract from scratch.
  • We also have audio and video training presentations that can be accessed and used if required.
  • Other documentation used by ACS in it's schools (eg. staff procedures) can be supplied to affiliates.

Most new affiliates will change and adapt this documentation according to their own organisational model. 

Supporting Students

ACS has an online library, built up over many years, Affiliates are able to give their students access to this room
A student manual can also be supplied to affiliates.
ACS  employs an affiliates manager as a liaison between your staff and ours. We have encountered most problems you are ever likely to have encountered. You can contact us for advice on how we would deal with problematic issues, if and when they occur.

Supplementary Reading

1.  ACS publishes ebooks to complement courses; and a guide for tutors so they can match the books with particular courses.  We strongly recommend our affiliates supply their tutors with the list. The affiliates have the option of supplying these books to their own students; or alternatively, referring them to another supplier. Your tutors should be using this as a first port of call for supplementary reading. The thing is -these books have been written with our courses in mind. We will eventually have titles for all courses....still a way to go, but you can see we are already covering a lot.
I send updates of the list periodically.

2.  We have other books we have selected to fit our student's needs (printed), for sale through our Australian bookshop (see  Freight charges make it prohibitive for us to sell these outside Australia....but if they are in this bookshop, they are considered by our course writers as being worthwhile supplementary reading; and as such, can be a good guide to your tutors as to what they should recommend

3. We have run into a major issue in recent years with tutors recommending books that are difficult to get or out of print. We occasionally get irate students who have wasted a lot of time chasing after a book that was recommended, only to find it is no longer in print. This makes the tutor & the school look like they do not know what is going on.
The truth of the matter is that the publishing industry is in crisis -less is being published in print -a lot more is being published electronically, but there is a higher % of poor quality or inaccurate publishing happening electronically -it can be difficult for both tutors and students to differentiate between credible and inaccurate material.

All of this is what is driving us to do our own publishing

Often tutors give recommendations as they may have done earlier in their careers... but the approach that was taken to recommending texts 10 years ago, needs to be quite different today.

John Mason

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