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Improve Visibility


Running a business involves four things:

  1. Having something to sell (Creating and Managing the Product)
  2. Getting seen by people who want to buy it (Managing Visibility)
  3. Engaging with a potential customer and converting them into a sale
  4. Processing the sale and managing the money.

Of all these stages; Managing Visibility (stage 2) is often the one that business struggles with.
This is because of the vast quantity of "noise" that exists in today's world.
People everywhere are more connected than ever, over telephones, internet and broadcast media; seeing more things to spend their money on than ever. Because potential customers are exposed to so much, it is very easy for us to become oblivious to much of what they encounter. In effect most people are often are suffering from "information overload".

For a business to be effectively visibe; it needs to be seen by the right people in the right place, at the wight time; and in a situation where competing poducts or services are not visible.

How do you achieve this?

  • Look for ways of reaching the people who are most likely to do business with you (ie. target your marketing).
  • Look for ways of reaching those people in an exclusive place - in a way that your competition cannot, or does not reach them.
  • Recognise that your window of opportunity to connect may be small - so making a powerful connection quickly is critical
  • Recognise that your presentation needs to stand out and overwhelm anything that may take attention away from it.

Visibility is Strengthened by being seen More than once

People notice and remember things they see repeatedly.
Repeated visibility reinforces and strengthens what is seen, and takes it from short term memory to long term memory.
Businesses that focus all their attention on being seen on a web site will inevitably be weaker than those which are also visible in lots of other places as well. 

You do not need to be large and spend lots of money to be effectively visible as a business; but you do need to be creative and spread your efforts to be seen across at least three or four different initiatives.

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