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Grow Your Business Fast

Fast Ways to Grow Your Business

Our affiliates ask us for help when they are starting an education business. We do that. Once they get going, they also ask us about ways to grow the business. Some affiliates come to us years down the line looking for new ideas or advice.

We would love to share with you our tips for fast and simple things you can do to grow a business.  We really mean that, fast business growth is great if you are prepared, keeping things simple is necessary. Growing a business isn't complex – take a look at our advice and please feedback any thoughts or comments.

1.  Log out of your inbox and switch off your phone

Yes, you read that right! To be productive we need to have focus. For 2-3 hours each day, close down from distractions, close your office door, have your staff handle your calls entirely or use a voicemail service and let your brain focus on the tasks that need your attention. 

2.  Develop a realistic pricing model

This can be one of the biggest challenges businesses face. Will high prices put off my customers? Will low prices devalue my products? Improving profits, covering costs and being competitive are all challenges faced in times of growth. Consider the pricing model alongside your cash flow projections. It does require your attention, so spending time adjusting figures on your cash flow spreadsheet will help you to refocus back on the pricing model. A 2% increase on sales and 5% decrease on costs can make significant impact on revenue.

3.  Consider staff and only employ talent

When it comes to growing your business you need to make sure the staff around you are smart. Business growth needs creativity and innovation, but it also needs common sense and grounding. Employ smart people and lose anyone who doesn’t share the vision or have the capability to fill your business needs. People affect the culture of an organisation. So bring an end to workplace tittle-tattle, lead with firm expectations on workplace roles and responsibilities. Give people targets, time to achieve them, but a probation period if things are getting tough. Then have high expectations.  Having positive expectations of employees can drive them to achieve and hopefully that can turns things around. If not, let them go.  

4.  Cover the legal stuff

If you are growing your business make sure you insurances are in place, your legal obligations are covered in terms of taxes, pensions, superannuation and other government contributions are paid. Ensure the workplace is safe for the increasing number of staff you will employ. Check in with employment lawyers to check on contracts for new staff. Check in with accountants for the making the best financial decisions in line with expected growth and costs. Check in with yourself, so you can sleep at night. Business growth means responsibility and you need to be on top of all of your obligations to avoid financial penalties or law suits coming your way.

5.  Strategise your marketing and social media

Work to rebuild your email subscribers. Email marketing is still the most effective way to connect with your customers – your students. Make irresistible offers and ensure all links work and your students are only one (or maybe two-clicks) away from enrolling.  Be focused with your own social media use or campaigns. Do not create accounts for every single social media platform and expect you can manage them all effectively, you will damage your reputation. Create a strong online presence through 2 well selected platforms – one should be where you’ll find your target customers. So where does your student demographic hang-out online? Secondly, join your own professional network wherever you mostly find them. Remember the internet is a place, it is not a thing.

6.  Connect with a mentor

You can sign up for formal and official mentoring programs, those have real value if you make the time for them. Or perhaps you have an industry colleague who is your go-to for some friendly advice. The other suggestion is find someone who you believes in you, who understand how important your business is to you and who will hold you to your word. In short, you need to find someone who will give you that nudge to ensure your intentions and actions match up. If you’re not meeting your deadlines and targets, then they can help refocus you. 

7.  Talk more

Make phone calls and talk with people in your network, make phone calls to other businesses like yours, make connections by talking at networking events and ask for feedback. Pick up the phone to current partners, or aim to make new contacts and pick up the phone to them. Chat to your staff. 


If you’re already in business and you want to increase your income stream or expand on the educational products you are currently offering – you can start by contacting us to chat about what plans you have and how we can help.   

We have developed a vast range of courses, automated study guides and ebooks, which can make your plans become reality. Change something today. It will only take small changes for your business growth to start. 

Get in touch today to chat with our dedicated affiliates support staff. We look forward to working with you as your business grows. or

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