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Foundation Licence

Start a New Online Business within a week or two!

This is potentially the simplest, fastest, least expensive,  and most straight forward way to get your own online bookshop and school started.

We Provide:

  • A license to sell all of our ebooks and fully automated online courses (ie. 20 hour study guides).
  • A license to deliver our ebooks online; and these courses using our custom built course delivery software.
  • A functioning website that can process sales and deliver product
  • Customisation of the web site main page, contact details and setting up of your paypal details on the site, so that you can process payments made to you
  • Additional standard features on the web site include:
  1. the ability to track sales and print automated monthly reports (Which are submitted for paying royalties)
  2. a capacity for you to change and improve product descriptions using a management system; without needing the expertise of an IT professional.
  3. the capacity to add new products as they are developed and released by ACS
  4. the capacity to operate a blog
  5. certain standard marketing tools for online marketing.

Scope of Product

We currently supply around 100 ebooks, most of which retail for between AUD$20 and $40

We also supply around 30 short courses which sell for AUD$200

These products cover a range of disciplines including Horticulture, Agriculture, Pets, Psychology, Health and Wellbeing, Writing, Business and Management.

More books and short courses are currently in development and it is planned to introduce on average, one of each monthly.


To Start Up You Only Need Provide:

  • A registered web site address
  • Details of a functioning paypal business account
  • A business name and logo or other image to be added to the main page
  • A selection of a template for the main page to be based upon (selected from dozens of options)
  • Monthly reports on sales, and based on those reports, pay a royalty within a month of the date when the report is due.

The cost for this package is AUD $995 (+GST if applicable).

Future Upgrades

The option exists to upgrade your original contract to include our other products (over 600 X 100 hour courses); once you have proven your ability to achieve consistent success with the ebooks and short courses covered by this foundation agreement.  Further details on request.


This will take you through to a form that requests basic information we require before establishing any new contract. By filling in and submitting this form, you will help us to save time for both yourself and us.

Alternatively Email for more information, or phone our office in Australia or England.

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