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Extend your Career in Agriculture

How an Agricultural Professional can broaden their career options?

The reasons for choosing a career in agriculture and science can be different for everyone.  

But certain traits come to mind…. Being curious by nature, interested in how things work and why, a need to make a difference, having a knack with problem solving.  Sometimes the need to work in agriculture just purely runs in the blood.  

These characteristics lead people into a range of Agriculture specialty roles. 

For example:

  • Animal Husbandry specialists
  • Livestock or Crop Breeding
  • Forestry and Department of Primary Industries positions
  • Plant Pathology Laboratories
  • Research Facilities
  • Seed Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Conservation
  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural Sales Specialist

With such great diversity, comes the ability to branch in many directions. 

You may have gained a knowledge base from many years of practical, hands-on experience or from a formal mode of study.  There is no reason to feel limited in your area of expertise.  Because the skills you have developed over this time can only help direct you in the future.  

You may come from many generations of traditional farming and it is important for you to continue the family business.  Strengthening farming and agriculture if essential for long term food security and agriculture sustainability.  
But unfortunately the reality is that farm income can be heavily affected by environmental factors and climate, variability of profit margins and market value.  When these pressures become too much, this can force farmers obtain off-farm employment to cover the finance shortfall.  

If you are considering new possibilities, this might be to generate further income, to diversify your career, or just to start something new for yourself.  Why not consider becoming an ACS Affiliate.

Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The transition can be made in stages

There are many reasons why people move on from one career to another, or balance a number of businesses.  Whatever the motives, the transition doesn’t need to be frightening, you can make changes that best fits in with you.  There are no rules to what your next big thing needs to look like, as long as it works for you.

Some people aren’t prepared to make a change in just one large leap.  There is always a number of things to consider and current commitments is one of them.  But, it is still possible to get a business established while balancing all aspects of your life.  This could be by continuing your current work and run a new business out-of-hours.  It is also possible to share the load, and work part-time and run a part-time business.

Consider Becoming an ACS Affiliate

Our affiliates program can offer an interesting option for any agricultural professional seeking to broaden their horizons.
What it means to be an ACS Affiliate can be different for everyone, you are not limited into a particular area.
You could:

  • Establish an online School/College to enhance the business you already operate (For example: A Farmer/Grazer offering Horticulture, Agriculture and Animal courses)
  • Start an online book shop offering eBooks and online courses


We’re happy to discuss all possible options for you, we are available by phone and email.
You can contact our Affiliations Manager:

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