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Expand and Diversify your Dance School

Do you run your own dance school? Are you looking for ways to expand or diversity your business? Or perhaps you would like to cut down the hours you are teaching dance and look for other alternatives?

Most dance schools today have their own website and one way to improve income is to sell products or advertising via your website. 

Dance Classes

Why not consider offering more dance classes –

  • Offer private lessons. Some students may want to improve more rapidly than others or may feel they need extra lessons to catch up with the rest of their class. Some people may not feel confident in a group, but would enjoy dancing.
  • Offer dance classes to adults. Adults may have danced as a child, but then stopped. They may enjoy the idea of taking adult ballet classes, for example. 
  • Offer classes outside school times. May dance classes stick to school term times.  Parents may appreciate the option for kids to do classes during the school holidays to keep them occupied and active.

For example,

Rachel has run a dance school for children for 15 years. She teaches ballet, freestyle, street and tap.  She wants to expand her business and develops a four step programme –

  1. She has a large stock of previous show costumes. She offers the costumes out for rent for shows, exams and so on.  She charges a small daily fee for something that has been sat in boxes in her dance school.
  2. She starts to run workshops in school holidays for children. She starts small at first offering 3 or 4 classes at first. Then over time, she expands to offer a wide range of classes in school holidays.
  3. She begins to offer adult classes in ballet, street and free style in term time.
  4. As these become more popular, she starts to offer classes to adults throughout the year ,not just term time. 

By taking these four steps, she increases her revenue, classes offered and earning potential.


You can see advertising on your website as a way to earn additional income. One way to do this is to join an advertising scheme, such as Googleads. You are given links to place on your site. If a visitor clicks on the link, you earn a small fee.

Another option is to sell advertising yourself. Options may include –

  • Contact local shops or online websites where people sell dance clothes or show costumes and offer them an advert on your site for a fee.This may be to advertise for a period of time, such as a year.
  • Sell adverts for theatre shows, dance shows and so on.
  • Or you might spread to other products, such as health shops, nutrition, fruit and vegetable shops and so on
  • Often dance schools have a lot of younger students whose parents are involved in the school, why not offer adverts to parents who might want to sell their own business or products. For example, a parent might be an estate agent and pay for an advert on your site. Another parent may run a health food shop and be willing to pay for an advert.
  • Why not consider writing articles for local newspapers, journals or magazines or websites on dance or health related topics. Whilst these may not pay well or even be free, they could attract attention to your dance school and website.

Selling Products

Another option is to actually sell products via your website. Rather than placing adverts for someone else on your site, why not actually sell products yourself, such as leotards, ballet tights, jazz shoes, show costumes and so on. 

You could also expand to sell other products related to dance, such as health foods, healthy products, exercise DVDs and books and so on.

Another option to expand and diversity your dance school is to become an eBook reseller or even set up your own online school.

ACS Distance Education can help with this

  1. Set up your own online bookstore. As a dance school owner, you might be interested in our products relating to health and well-being, such as our Health ebooks and Fitness eBooks

    Or even expand into other areas, such as psychology, writing and more.  We offer a wide range of eBooks on different subjects.

  2. Another option is to offer distance learning courses on your website and sell distance learning courses. Again, we offer a wide range of courses, which you can view on our websites, such as, or

You might be interested in offering courses in health and well-being, life coaching, sports nutrition, nutrition courses, food coaching and more.  As a dance school owner, you are well placed to run courses in these subjects and to sell them.

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