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eBook Titles Available


Carnivorous Plants
Climbing Plants
Commercial Hydroponics
Food Preserving
Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
Garden Design I
Garden Design II
Gesneriads - African Violets, Gloxinias, Streptocarpus & Others
Growing & Knowing Annuals
Growing & Using Brassicas
Growing & Knowing Bulbs
Growing & Using Capsicums & Chillies
Growing & Knowing Dianthus & Carnations
Growing & Knowing Eucalypts
Growing & Knowing Fuchsias
Growing & Knowing Grasses
Growing & Knowing Grevilleas
Growing & Knowing Lavender
Growing & Using Nuts
Growing & Knowing Perennials
Growing & Knowing Rhododendrons & Azaleas
Growing Conifers
Growing Ferns 
Growing Palms
Growing Tree Fruits in Temperate Climates
Growing Tropical Plants
Horticultural Careers
Landscaping in the Shade
Landscaping with Australian Plants
Organic Growing
Pests & Diseases
Proteas & Relatives
Root Vegetables
Scented Plants
Starting a Nursery or Herb Farm
Starting Garden/Landscape Business
The Environment of Play
Trees & Shrubs
Trees & Shrubs for Small Gardens
Trees & Shrubs for Warm Places
Tropical Landscaping
Water Gardens
What to Plant Where

Animals and Agriculture

Animal Behaviour
Animal Health/Illness
Bees, Beekeeping & Honey
Carnivore Animals
Cattle Breeds
Dog Care
Farm Management
Fish for Freshwater Aquaculture & Aquaponics
Horse Book
Land Management & Rehabilitation
Marine Studies
Profitable Farming
Rodents, Rabbits & Their Relatives
Ungulate Animals
Working with Animals

Health/Fitness and Nutrition

Aerobic Fitness
Human Biology Dictionary
Human Nutrition
Medical Terminology
Nutritional Therapy

Writing and Photography

Creative Writing
English Grammar
How to Be a Successful Editor
How To Write A Novel
Photo Techniques & Effects
Professional Writing

Management and Business

Business Operations
Event Management
Marketing Psychology
Modern Marketing
Professional Practice for Consultants
Project Management
Saving a Business
Starting a Business

Psychology and Counselling

Counselling Handbook
Grief/Crisis Counselling
How Children Think
How to be a Life Coach
Marketing Psychology
Occupational Psychology
Psychological Profiling
Psychology Dictionary

Education and Careers

Getting Work
Learning Tips
Working with Animals
Working in Horticulture
Working with People


Brewing & Winemaking 


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