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Diversify Your Career in Recruitment

Recruitment Consultancy is both extremely rewarding, yet demanding. Like many careers. Recruitment is a target based industry which undeniably creates enormous pressure. Relying on human resources is tough unless the calibre of job seekers or applicants is up to scratch.

When people start out in recruitment, they often learn how to meet the needs of people and organisations – that is job seekers and employers.  In the beginning, skills assessments and critical analysis of resumes (CV’s) is a big part of matching job roles with potentially skilled employees.

A second, a very important component of the recruitment consultant’s role, is to ensure that targets are met so the roles are filled. Most often this needs to happen within often short or rigid timeframes.  Pressure, pressure and more pressure.

For you personally, perhaps you have reached a point where you’ve begun to evaluate your role and professional identity.  A realistic expansion of your career might be the next coherent step.

Questions you might already be asking yourself:

Do I want to diversify professionally?
Do I want to set my own work routines and schedules?
Do I need a break from working in a high pressure environment?
Do I often wonder how I could transfer my established expertise?
Am I confident I can utilise my marketing and sales skills without much effort?
Am I able to transfer my knowledge of the job market and employment trends into another area?
Would I like a new adventure where my efforts can make a real difference in people’s lives?

Switching your work life identity

Switching your work-life identity is undoubtedly one of the most daunting transitions in life. Consider how courage is needed to deal with career change bravely. Research has enabled us to conceptualise career change as two things – a process and an outcome. In radical and non-institutionalised career change, the next step may not always be clear and the position not known, and so the need for self-encouragement and belief is strong.  

We confidently believe that if you're working as a recruitment consultant, you will not have such hurdles to jump to evolve your career. Yes, you will need self-encouragement and motivation but you have that already working in recruitment. Now you need to visualise yourself in a new role. Success depends greatly on attitude.

Being an affiliate with of ACS Distance Education opens up a new professional adventure

Our affiliates program is well-established model for anyone to launch a school (whether online or classroom based) and become licensed to sell our courses. Affiliation with ACS Disatance Education is a simple step-by-step, affordable business model. 

If you would like to reinvent yourself from recruitment consultant into management and business ownership in the education and training arena, ACS has over 35 years of experience to help you achieve this.

Apart from working to broaden your own professional horizon, you can explore a brand new career with passion and work towards fulfilment. Fulfilment is important for you personally and also for your future students who want to learn and develop professionally too. Graduates of ACS Distance Education courses go on to forge successful and satisfying careers.

Do Your Thing – Take Control of Your Own Career Path

Developing positive change needs passion. The more you think and talk about what you want to achieve the more the idea comes into focus. Moving your idea along by networking with like-minded individuals, you will develop a desire to achieve it. When that desire is great enough, it will give you the courage to overcome fear and procrastination.

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