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Courses Available


Here are some of the 100 hour Distance Education Courses that are available:

Farming/Agriculture and Pet Courses
Animal Anatomy and Physiology 
(Animal Husbandry I)
Animal Diseases (Animal Husbandry II)
Animal Feed & Nutrition (Animal Husbandry III)
Animal Health Care
Natural Health Care for Animals 
Diagnosing Animal Diseases
Animal Behaviour
Pet Care
Dog Care
Aquarium Management
Dog Psychology & Training
Cat Psychology and Training
Bird Care
Horse Care I
Horse Care II
Horse Care III
Equine Behaviour
Horse Breeding 
Pasture Management
Mariculture –Marine Aquaculture
Beef Cattle
Calf Rearing
Goat Husbandry
Dairy Cattle
Animal Breeding
Sustainable Agriculture
Organic Farming
Farm Management
Agricultural Marketing
Irrigation (Agricultural)
Irrigation Management (Ag)
Agronomy I
Agroniomy II (Cereals)
Agronomy III (Root Crops)
Soil Management (Ag)

Permaculture, Self Sufficiency and Organic Courses

Permaculture I
Permaculture II
Permaculture III
Permaculture IV
Permaculture Systems
Advanced Permaculture
Organic Plant Culture
Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing
Self Sufficiency I
Self Sufficiency II
Alternative Energy
Mud Brick Construction
Healthy Buildings I
Healthy Buildings II

Horticulture Courses
Landscaping Home Gardens
Home Garden Expert
Home Fruit Growing
Home Vegetable Growing

Horticulture I
Horticulture II
Horticulture III
Horticultural Resource Management (Hort Management)
Horticultural Marketing
Practical Horticulture I
Practical Horticulture II
Trees For Rehabilitation
Soil Management (Hort)
Plant Pathology
Plant Protection
Weed Control
Garden Maintenance
Irrigation (Gardens)
Irrigation Management (Horticulture)
Certificate in Horticulture  (002) Core
Certificate in Hort –Landscape Stream
Certificate in Hort –Propagation Stream
Certificate in Hort -Grounds Management stream
Certificate in Hort –Cut Flower Stream
Other 002 Streams 
–Ornamental,  Plant Protection

Managing Notable Gardens (Garden Mgt) (Part of RHS005)
Garden History (Part of RHS 005)
Horticulture Research I
Horticulture Research II
Amenity Horticulture I
Amenity Horticulture II
Operational Bus Mgt I
Operational Business Mgt II
Horticultural Therapy
Green Walls and Roofs

Turf Care
Sports Turf Management
Turf Repair and Renovation
Turf Grasses

Arboriculture I
Arboriculture II

Landscaping I
Landscaping II
Landscape Styles (Landscaping 3)
Natural Garden Design
Water Gardening
Landscape Construction
Cottage Garden Design
Playground Design
Biophilic Landscaping
Plant Establishment & Selection
Certificate in Garden Design
Planning Layout & Construction of Ornamental Gardens
Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens

Nursery Growers Course
Home Propagation
(formerly Propagation)
Propagation I
Cutting Propagation
Wholesale Nursery Management
Garden Centre Management
Tissue Culture
Plant Breeding
Nursery Hands Course
Nursery Sales Assistant
Seed Propagation
Home Hydroponics
Hydroponics I 
Hydroponic Management 
(Hydroponics II)
Hydroponics III
Certificate in Hydroponics 
Cut Flower Production
Cut Flower Bulbs
Greenhouse Cut Flowers
Cut Flower Orchids
Crops I (Outdoor Plant Production)
Commercial Vegetable Production
Soil Management Crops
Irrigation Crops
Protected Plant Production.
Mushroom Production
Fruit Production –Temperate
Fruit Production –Warm
Nut Production
Warm Climate Nuts
Berry Production

Herb Culture
Medicinal Herbs
Culinary Herbs
Scented Plants
Certificate in Herbs
African Violets
Azaleas & Rhododendrons
Growing Annuals
Carnivorous Plants
Cacti & Succulents
Growing Camellias
Growing Carnations
Deciduous Trees
Growing Iris
Geraniums & Pelargoniums
Interior Plants
Orchid Culture
Palms & Cycads
Tropical Plants
Australian Natives I
Australian Natives II
Australian Native Trees
Australian Native Ferns
Growing Grevilleas
Bush Tucker


Building Renovation

Environmental Management and Wildlife Courses

Environmental Studies
Introduction to Ecology
Conservation & Environmental Management
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Waste Management
Earth Science
Water Conservation & Management
Marine Studies I
Marine Studies II
Wildlife Management
Vertebrate Zoology
Wildlife Conservation
Animal Welfare
Carnivore Zoology
Invertebrate Zoology
Nature Park Management I
Nature Park Management II

Tourism and Hospitality Courses
Ecotour Management
Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills
Ecotour Tour guide
Adventure Tourism
Tourism I
Tourism II
Hotel Management
Food & Beverage Management
Bed & Breakfast Management
Bar Service
Food Preparation/Cooking
Food Technology

Fitness and Leisure Management Courses

Leisure Facility Management I
Leisure Facility Management II
Recreation Leadership
Play leadership
Leisure Management I (Marketing)
Leisure Management II (Human Resources)
Leisure Management III (Administration)
Leisure Management IV (Policy & Procedure)
Event Management
Wedding Planner
Certificate in Recreation
Health & Wellbeing
Health & Fitness I
Health & Fitness II
Health & Fitness III
(Evaluation & Management)
Fitness Leader Certificate Core
Sports Psychology
Resistance & Gym Supervision
Advanced Aerobics
Fitness Risk Management
Personal Energy Management

Human Nutrition Courses

Human Nutrition I
Human Nutrition II
Human Nutrition III (Nutrition & Disease)
Sports Nutrition
Children's Nutrition
Nutrition for Weight Loss BRE205
Therapeutic Nutrition
Weight Loss Consultant


Psychology and Counselling Courses
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology & Counselling
Industrial Psychology
Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
Marketing Psychology
Life Coaching
Food Coaching
Business Coaching
Sports Coaching
Counselling Skills I
Counselling Skills II
Counselling Techniques
Professional Practice in Counselling
Professional Supervision
Stress Management
Conflict Management
Multicultural Awareness
Relationships & Communication Counselling
Crisis Counselling
Grief Counselling
Careers Counselling
Family Counselling
Counselling Children
Biopsychology I
Biopsychology II
Psychological Assessment
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Aged Care Counselling
Anger Management
Managing Mental Health in Adults
Child&Adolescent Mental Health
Child&Adolescent Disorders
Diploma in Psychology & Counselling

Science Courses
Human Biology IA (Anatomy & Physiology)
Human Biology I B (Bioenergetics)
Human Biology II (Muscles & Movement)
Human Biology III (Cardio Respiratory performance)
Anatomy 2
Physiology 2
Medical Terminology
Biochemistry I (Plants)
Biochemistry I (Animals)
Biochemistry II
Biochemistry III (Plants)
Biochemistry III (Animals)
Environmental Chemistry
Soil and Water Chemistry
Botany I
Botany II (Applied Botany)
Plant Ecology
Cell Biology
Machinery and Equipment (Engineering I)
Engineering Applications (Engineering II)

Information Technology Courses

Computer Operations (formerly Computer Studies II)
E Commerce
HTML (Writing a web site)
Visual Basic.Net
SQL for the Web
Computer Servicing I
Computer Servicing II
Computer Servicing III
I.T. Networking Essentials
Information Security
Internet Marketing
Graphic Design

Business and Management Courses

Starting a Small Business
Business Studies
Business Operations
Professional Practice for Consultants
Office Practices
Business Planning
Business Coach
Project Management
Bookkeeping Foundations – (formerly Bookkeeping I)
Bookkeeping Applications (formerly Bookkeeping )II
Bookkeeping Foundations - UK
Financial Management
Workplace Heath & Safety
Personnel Management
Marketing Foundations
Sales Management
Advertising & Promotions
Marketing Systems
Sales Skills

Writing and Publishing Courses
Freelance Writing
Advanced Freelance Writing
Efficient Writing 
Writing Fiction
Children’s Writing
Creative Writing
Script Writing
Biographical Writing
Technical Writing
Legal Terminology
Dramatic Writing 
Editing I
Editing II
Editing III
Editing Practice 
Graphic Design
Publishing I
Publishing II
Publishing III
Practical Journalism I

Photography Courses

Hobby Photography
Introduction to Photography
Photographic Technology
Photographic Practice
Digital Photography
Travel Photography
Landscape Photography
Photographing People
Photographic Lighting
Wedding Photography
Photojournalism Practice I
Photo Portfolio

Education and Research Courses

Instructional Skills
Delivering Distance Education
Delivering Classroom Education
Course Writing (Development)
Research Project I
Research Project II
Research Project III
Research Project IV
Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III

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