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Course Development Procedures


The following information outlines:
a. Important information and guidelines  for AFFILIATES AND THEIR STAFF
b. Guidelines forcourse development procedures  used by ACS STAFF.

ACS recognisesthat success for a  graduate  is likely to come  ifthey have a set ofskills
and knowledge  that differentiate s  them from the ircompetition, and an ability to adapt  in
a rapidly changing world.

ACS believes that a mainstream and conventional approach to education alcontent and
provision is not ideal in today’s world. Development of a more successful approach to
education requires lateral and uninhibited thinking,  free from the commonly excessive
influence of bureaucracy and tradition.

ACS courses aim  (as far as possible),toidentify and cater  forfuture needs rather than
current needs; recognising that in a rapidly changing world, future needs not  current
needsare what will be in demand. Above all, courses aim to provide  foundation al
knowledge along witha capacity to adapt to change as it occurs.
Recognising the trend to g lobalisation, courses are aimed at being  globally relevant,
rather thanonlyregionally relevant.

General Principles
*Affiliates will negotiate  with ACS  to establish a list of courses they  are authorised to
*Affiliates will  only  have rightsto use course materials from ACScourses whichthey are
authorised to offer.
*ACS will maintain the current version of any ACS course that is being used by Affiliates
*ACS will upgrade courses with due consideration being given to suggestions made by
*ACS will supply  A ffiliates with updated PDF file copies of any course notes and subject
PDF files will be supplied,to ensure printing problems do not occur; and facilitate ease
of supplying additional or updated documentation.
*A small-print copyright statement should always be present on the cover  of  ACS
documentation printed by an  Affiliate: the statement will  read:
“Copyright ownership of this documentation resides with ACS or John Mason.

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