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Business Development for Counselling Businesses

Counselling can be hard but rewarding work. There may be times though that you would like a change or would perhaps like to help people in a different way.

We often also hear the saying – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have you ever thought of diversifying and expanding your counselling business?

Expand the services you offer

One way to diversify and expand what you are doing is to offer different services. For example, you may also offer life coaching services or food coaching or personal fitness training. It really depends on your existing qualifications or whether you would like to train in another area. Rhiannon is a counsellor, working at a local school offering counselling and pastoral support to teenagers 10 hours a week. Whilst she loves her work, she would like to work more. She looks at life coaching and learns more about walking coaching. She meets clients for an hour long walk, where they talk about life coaching options and reflect how they can move forward, whilst enjoying nature and getting some exercise. This fits in with her desire to help people and also her love of walking.

Meri is a counsellor, but has a great interest in sleep problems, so also decides to offer sleep training courses to older people who may be experiencing difficulties in getting to sleep. 

You may also be considering offering others services such as –

  • Offering workshops for people to attend, such as group workshops on dealing with OCD or positive psychology or other areas related to your work.
  • Speaking at public engagements. Charities and businesses may be interested to hear about topics such as coping with stress in the workplace, supporting staff and their mental health and so on. So why not sell your services as a speaker?
  • Create online training videos that you can sell or gain advertising for.
  • Writing is another way to increase your earnings from counselling. This can take many forms, such as -
  • Give training to businesses and organisations.
  • Life coaching and counselling are similar, but have a slightly different focus. Counsellors focus on the person's issues and past experiences and try to find a way for the person to resolve their issues. Life coaches look at the present and how to help the person to move forwards. Some clients will benefit from life coaching, others will benefit more from counselling. By offering both services, this increases your potential to attract clients.
  • Food coaching is another area. People with eating issues, such as being overweight, may also have mental health issues, such as depression. A person may come to you for counselling advice, but also need support to change their behaviour around food; or they may come to you as a food coach, but realise they have an underlying issue such as depression or anxiety.

Consider what options there are. You may already be trained in another area, perhaps you could consider offering that as an additional service.

Sell Products

Another option is sell products that relate to your counselling work. For example, you could become an affiliate for book stores, and sell counselling books and self-help books via your website. This may seem counter-intuitive at first. Why sell counselling and self-help books? This might lose your clients. It might, BUT how many people actually look at your website, then go away. Perhaps by offering additional products, such as self-help books, even if they do not book a session with you, they may buy a book, earning you a commission for doing very little.

You might also sell other products that may support and help your clients, such as healthy sleep products, aromatherapy products and so on.

We Can Help

You might also consider selling our ACS eBooks. We offer eBooks in health, fitness, coaching and psychology, which may be of interest to your clients. 

Another option is to offer distance learning courses on your website and sell distance learning courses. For example, you may be interested in selling our counselling courses, psychology courses, life coaching courses to people visiting your site and perhaps your existing clients. A person who is attending counselling may become interested in studying counselling or life coaching themselves. 

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