The reshaping of education into cloud based software programs and online tutoring provides profitable opportunities for start-ups to invest in online schools. Invest and work in an online space - work with us. 

ACS is not new to this. ACS has operated in two geographically and culturally diverse regions for decades, the school originally formed in 1979. 

Our aim today is to increase the number of students studying our courses through our affiliate network (i.e. business partners). Alongside supporting and growing our affiliate network, our attention is firmly focused on product development - revising existing products and creating new ones, whilst our affiliates operate schools and service students.  

As an ACS affiliated you know that you have access to products which are refreshed and kept current, or on average you'll have at least 1 brand new product to sell each month (without paying anything for it!). In fact your product range will simply keep growing as you educate students, we write new educational material.

Our courses and educational materials have been purposely designed different to what you find in mainstream education programs and courses. We know to learn, someone needs to be challenged. We provide a mixture of education experiences and place demands on student to think critically, reflectively and learn via a process of self-paced experiential learning.

The world is a global community and a global economy. We take this into consideration in our product development. We design courses relevant and accessible to all. We cater to a global education market. The international online education industry and community is huge. The largest institutions turn over millions of dollars/pounds annually.



More about ACS

  • ACS was established in 1979 in Victoria, Australia. Today we operate our own distance education schools from Queensland in Australia and the Midlands in England.
  • We have successfully offered and managed the ACS Affiliates Program since 2004 and we continue to diversify our licence options and commercial partnering agreements. 
  • We develop distance education courses and a range of educational materials across a broad range of industries and disciplines. 
  • We write for print media. 
  • We write and publish quality illustrated and annotated ebooks - distributed through both our own online bookshops and a variety of other distributors and affiliates.
  • Established by Mr John Mason, author of over 140 books, magazine editor, publisher, parks director, university and college lecturer. John has been awarded fellowships by IOH (UK), AIH and PLA (Australia).
  • ACS and the Principal are known and widely respected internationally. Our brand has strengthened year on year. 
  • We have affiliations with around 20 other education bodies, in seven different countries, including both government-owned and nationally recognised institutions. 
  • We have developed over 600 distance education courses (25 million words), plus books, ebooks, magazines and websites. We own our IP so an affiliation with us does not involve complex 3rd party agreements. 
  • We have also developed software systems to track and manage student assignments, and a state of the art cloud based course delivery system.
  • Courses are continually revised and expanded by our team of around 30 academics, working mostly out of Australia and the UK. 
  • Our courses are practical, enabling you to develop knowledge and build the capacity to continue learning after your studies are completed. Students develop skills. 
  • The courses are designed to cater to the "world" as a whole, rather than individual climates or countries. This is a point of difference that sets our courses apart from much of what is taught elsewhere, and that is a strong selling point.
  • Our courses are experiential, which means a range of scenario based activities are scattered throughout the programs to ensure students think of and access real life experiences and support relevant to their chosen industry.
  • Our ebooks are written with the express purpose of supplementing the courses or supporting the learning prescribed by our courses.
  • Our mantra is that sustainable success in the modern, globalised world requires creativity, diversity and currency. Our system is purposefully designed to be different; so that our graduates emerge with a different skill set and a different perspective to graduates from mainstream courses.
  • Operating on the fringes of mainstream education allows us to direct our vision and strategy. We are not affected by unpredictable changes in government policy or funding, this has given us lower levels of risk in business (for affiliates) and in the service we provide to ACS students.



Maintaining Standards through IARC

All affiliates of ACS must obtain and retain registration with IARC.

The International Approval and Registration Centre is an association of post-secondary institutions. IARC was established in 1999 by a number of colleges to offer some quality assurance for students studying with international colleges.

To maintain registration with IARC, an institution must satisfy minimum standards in terms of their administration, course content, course delivery and student assessment.

Fees are very low compared to other quality control systems. Contact IARC at to find out more. 

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