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Terms and Conditions for Agent agreement

  1. Agent shall make it clear in all written and verbal messages to potential students that all advertised courses and ebooks are the intellectual property of ACS Distance Education, and will be delivered by ACS Distance Education. The Agent may represent themselves as “Partnering with ACS Distance Education to provide quality education”, “Agent for ACS Distance Education”, or “ACS Distance Education Partner in Education”.
  2. Agent will be paid commission by ACS Distance Education monthly if commissions earned reach AUS$300, or at such a time when commissions generated reach AUS$300. When commissions reach this amount, it is the agent’s responsibility to email ACS Distance Education an invoice. The invoice should include the company name and contact details, the amount of courses and ebooks sold, and the date range that the invoice is for. Please email this invoice to We will then pay your invoice minus refunds (e.g. where an enrolled student withdraws from the course within the allowable cooling off period).
  3. ACS Distance Education reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time, and is not obliged to disclose the reason for decision to terminate. In such a case, all commissions generated by the Agent will be paid by ACS Distance Education in full, and Agent must remove all reference to ACS Distance Education courses and ebooks from their website immediately. ACS Distance Education may terminate the agreement if the Agent does not reach AUS$300 in commissions by six months from the agreement to these terms and conditions.
  4. As mentioned in clause 2, ACS will not pay commissions on enrolments that are cancelled within the cooling off period of 14 days, as course or ebook fee will be refunded to the student.
    Details of such cancellations will be itemised on the adjusted Agent sales report the Agent will receive once they have invoiced ACS upon their commission reaching AUS$300.
  5. The Agent will not take fees directly from any student for an ACS Distance Education course or ebook.
  6. ACS Distance Education will not be held liable for any damage or loss (including profits) resulting from the Agent’s promotion of ACS Distance Education courses or ebooks.
  7. ACS Distance Education will provide the Agent with a single URL to use in promotional material and to be linked on their website. This URL will go to a co-branded micro web site that will allow visitors to browse through courses and ebooks and purchase online. All purchases on the website will be through ACS Distance Education and the Agent is not to sell ACS Distance Education courses or ebooks outside of this micro web site. Courses and ebook delivery will be handled by ACS Distance Education when payments are made and orders are completed via the micro site. The agent will be provided with administration login details that will allow them to update the logo on the micro site and also to choose which categories of ebooks and courses will be displayed. Agents will also be able to view sales history reports and commission payment information via the administration login.